Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Madam Lim's? Why?

~Guess how many people actually were there? 3! Count the drinks!~

It was probably one of the few remaining restaurats in AU2 Setiawangsa that we have not tried yet. Judging by the lunch crowd, it seemed to be quite popular. The pics on the menu were also quite enticing. So our little band of UKM Wondergirls decided it was time to give Madam Lim's cooking a try.

Our menu:

  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Mee hailam
  • Mee hoon Tom Yam

~Looks better than it tastes~

The only reason I ordered Kung Pao Chicken was that because it's such a famous dish (always eaten by people in movies who order chinese takeout food) but I had never tried it before. The "small" portion was actually quite big so RM 7 ++ seemed reasonable under the circumstances. It looked quite appetizing too. Sadly, looks can be decieving. The taste was quite bland and it felt like someone had just taken some chicken strips and mixed them around in some oyster sauce or something. So until now, I don't think I can claim to know how the real Kang Pao Chicken is meant to taste like.


Zil fared alot worse. Her Mee Hailam was basically Mee Kicap. It tasted simply of mee drenched in half a bottle of soy sauce. Almost inedible, she ended up forcing herself to eat a few bites (even I pitied her and braved a few spoonfulls). Sharlina's mee hoon Tom Yam was at least decent. They made it from scratch and did not just use paste but the Tom Yam was so full of the incompletely blendered ingredients that was a big distraction from the actual taste.

~just ok~

~A kicap lorry probably collided with her mee~

I don't know if we were unlucky to order the only items on the menu that wasn't good or if all the food is like that. All in all a very disappointing lunch. Wonder what Madam Lim has to say for herself?


Am a bit sad that some people have decided to play the race card again. It seems like everytime things don't go our way, someone has to jump up and accuse "racism". I guess, it's not as easy as we thought to live in a multi-national country (although, it's surprising how eager we are to tell the whole world how harmonious and special we are). Grow up people, nothing is free. Work hard for something and hopefully you'll get your own rewards. I leave you with eriqazz and carl to find out more, "peace on earth and all that jazz".


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