Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Hamzah- 4 years old today

is affectionate
He loves to hug me
Whenever he does something 'wrong' he would run up to me and throw his arms around me first so I wouldn't get mad,
But most of the time he hugs me just because he loves me,
I love these random acts of affection

Hamzah ..
is funny
He says the most hilarious things
He always makes me smile ..
I love his sense of humour

is observant
He will notice that you re-arranged furniture or bought new shoes
He comments on small fleeting things as we drive around in the car that everyone else missed
I love his inquisitive mind

is considerate
He remembers others when pouring that last drop of juice
He always smiles and compliments me on my cooking even if it's the simplest dish
He rushes to help out even before I finish asking
I love his kind heart

is always cheerful
He laughs and finds joy in things that are not even that funny
He makes friends easily and is loved by all his teachers
His stories help me see the wonder of this world from his eyes
I love his good-natured personality

He is my baby. He always will be, regardless. For these reasons and many more, I love him.

Happy Birthday Hamzah


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