Saturday, July 3, 2010

I am an MBP Contributor!

Newsflash! Newsflash! I have the most amazing news. I recieved an e-mail from Kak Ros, the creator of Mommy Bloggers Planet, today. She has decided to give this rookie blogger a chance to be an MBP Contributor. I am so honoured.

Thanks to Syigim for putting in a good word for me (thanks for having faith in me , my friend). So it is with great pleasure that I paste the MBP Contributor badge on my sidebar (the link is still to the Home page because my details haven't been updated in their database yet..hehe.. I'm just so excited that I couldn't wait to share the news).

I hope that I can share stories of my ups, downs and all the lessons I have learnt along this wonderful journey of motherhood. I'm also excited to write about my blogging adventures. Plus, I can't wait to share some simple medical related articles with everyone. What do you guys want me to write about?


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