Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Lunch offer at The Chicken Rice Shop

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Lucky Sharlina's going to Brunei for a conference and she's going to present her research findings there. Can't wait for my turn. So yesterday, the UKM Wondergirls set off on an impossible mission to find some Brunei currency. We went to 5 different money changers without any success. Each one kept telling us to just take the Singapore dollar as the exchange rate was the same.

Dejected and hungry, we stopped for lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop to try out their new Good Lunch offer. (Choice of $avers Good Lunch, Ladies Good Lunch, Noodle Good Lunch and Healthy Good Lunch). We went for 2 savers and 2 noodles (seems like we were not healty ladies..hehe).

Our $avers Good Lunch was a steal at only RM 6.90 and Maz and Zil also enjoyed their Noodle lunches. I am a big fan of Nasi Ayam, the best one of course is my mom's, second is one at the food court in Mahkota Parade (Melaka). To me the Chicken Rice Shop Nasi Ayam is actually quite good. I prefer the old fashioned roasted chicken. I like their Pai Tee and Kerabu Mangga too (not included in the $avers set).~Ordered side dish- I didn't like the chicken dumplings, but I love Pai Tee~

Finally, after searching everywhere for those Brunei dollars, we finally found it right across the street in Chow Kit. Have fun in Brunei Sharlina, don't forget to bring back some nice souvenirs.


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