Monday, July 26, 2010

Dude, where's my car? Aishah's version

~Yousof's car (well, googled pic but you get the idea)~

At my house everybody has a car. It's because everyone works at different places and cannot car pool. Even my parents who work at the same place need separate cars because my dad often has to go for meetings and conferences elsewhere.

There is an extra car at the house. An old red Volkswagen Beetle that can no longer cruise the open highways because no-one will insure it. My dad bought the car a few years ago and he used to love driving it on the weekends. From the first time Yousof saw the car he automatically staked his claim. To him, it was only logical that the car was his because everybody else already had their own car. He's forever getting driving tips from me and eating alot so that he can be big enough to drive his car :) (good motivation for a picky eater).

Yesterday, Aishah asked a million dollar question.

"Tok Wan, kenapa Aishah sorang aje yang takde kereta?" Just as my mother was trying to come up with a suitable reply, Yousof chimed in.

"Aishah kena sabar lah. Aishah tu baru 3 years old. Nanti Aishah dah 5 years old macam abang, Tok Ki beli lah kereta untuk Aishah."

"Iye ker? (satisfied)"

Wow! My dad better start saving from now. He has 2 years to buy this "great" present. How uncomplicated kids view life :)

~Their current mode of transportation~


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