Friday, July 2, 2010

A&W Birthday for Shar

Earlier this week we celebrated Sharlina's birthday. Since she LOVES A&W rootbeer and the ice cream waffles we decided to have lunch there.

~Dunno where the cake girl learnt to write in icing~

As usual we also bought a "surprise" birthday cake (although I doubt it was such a big surprise because it was so obvious. Plus the cakes are getting smaller and smaller bacause the UKM wondergirls are slowly dwindling in number :(

For some reason I felt so hungry that day and bought a Mozza burger set (with curly fries & rootbeer), a double scoop ice cream waffle and a coney dog! Unbelievable. Don't fret though, I shared the waffle and ate the coney dog for breakfast the next day.

~Uhuhu..Aida is also no longer here~

Lesson of the day, always refuse if the girl at the counter asks if you want to upgrade and remember, your stomach is never as big as you think it is!


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