Saturday, July 17, 2010

Courage do not fail me now!

No use in being afraid of the boogeyman forever.

Courage is needed to face our worst fears.

What's gonna work? Team-work!
(Apa yang penting? Ker-ja-sa-ma)

The UKM Wondergirls will pull through this InsyaAllah.
(We have to! Because we have so much work to do.)

Update: He is still not apprehended but security reports that he has made no attempt to return to UKM. Still on high alert.

A personal thanks to all the people who have wished us well through this adversity. To all loyal readers and friends, thank you for your continuous support of this blog, traffic has not only maintained it has actually increased! I am now blogging at weird hours and places-brought to you at a normal decent hour thanks to the wonders of automated posts- until everything returns to normal, priority is to get as much work done as possible. I will BW with a vengeance ASAP. Every comment will be replied, every visit will be repaid InsyaAllah.

*pics googled


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