Sunday, July 11, 2010

Delightful Delifrance

~When you're that not hungry, sharing a set meal is a good way of saving money~

Last Friday we ended up at Ampang Point (after taking a few wrong turns) because I had to send the Stream for its 20,000 km service. After a little walkabout (not that many choices in terms of places to eat) we settled on Delifrance. Actually we passed it a few times and finally the amazing waft of baked pastry finally snared us.

It took absolutely ages to choose our menu. For some reason everything looked delicious. Finally, we settled on:

  • Old style Chicken Pie
  • Baked rice with chicken (I've forgotten the fancy name) set with mushroom soup
  • Pancake Suzette

~Really nice~

I have to admit, initially I doubted whether or not a mere chicken pie would be enough to satisfy my hunger. I was pleasantly proven wrong. It actually took great effort to finish the pie. The pastry was amazingly light and fluffy and the filling was really nice with chicken, potatoes, carrots and peas, all nice cooked in a nice flavourful sauce.

~Baked rice with chicken~

~My favourite kind of soup, mushroom!~

Shar's baked rice was also nice but a bit too heavy for me and she doused it with chilli flakes for extra flavour. Zil had the mushroom soup which was also delicious and did not simply just taste like it came straight from a tin.

~Hot and cold and delicious~

The pancake Suzette was yummy. Although, everyone is forewarned, the first bite of the hot pancake with apple slices and sauce mixed with the cold vanilla ice cream is a tasty shock for people with sensitive teeth. I loved it especially since it wasn't overpowered by the cinammon taste (like some apple based desserts are).

~Looking like a cross schoolteacher ..hehe~

All in all a great lunch although I did reach home RM 500+ poorer (if minor service costs this much, am dreading the major one).


Yeay! I got my first Formspring question yesterday. I added this new widget recently because I thought maybe there might be some questions you guys and gals out there might want to ask me (hehe, you never know unless you ask). Guess what the first question was? Any ideas? Totally unexpected one.

For those of you who hate to click;

Anonymous asked: Dah kahwin?

I answered: hehe.. was excited to get my first official formspring question.. tetiba buka..ini pulak ditanya..the answer is obviously yes...and I have 3 wonderful kids to prove it

Feel free to keep asking and also suggest any good places in KL to eat or any topics you would like me to write about for Mom Bloggers Planet.


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