Friday, July 30, 2010

My thoughts on (Contest)

It takes a brave man indeed to accept the opinions of others. It takes a braver man to make it a contest and reward the best reviewer.

Read Dahlia's entry on "Ada orang nak bagi domain FREE!" and decided to give it a shot. Since Mr Reezluv asked for a review of his blog, here is mine.


The layout is very simple with a white background and pastel highlights and black font. It looks very neat and pristine. Not at all cluttered and easy to read the posts. Having just 3 posts per page with 'read more' function also adds to the compactness of the blog.

The header is perhaps a bit too simple and I'm not that keen on the tagline (Blog, Blogging , Blogger- Blogger, Blogging, Blog lah!) as it is a bit too generic. Perhaps Mr Reezluv might consider a more personalized header and tagline. Plus the smaller font in the header slightly overlaps the bigger font (I'm not sure if this was done intentionally).

The header design was also repeated as a footer at the bottom of the blog. Perhaps Mr Reezluv can consider other options to maximize that space (such as a disclaimer or social network tabs).


As a whole has very informative posts regarding blogging in general and IT/computer related products. This is a good niche for bloggers who are IT savvy. The entries are well written and contain many good tips and relevant information. He also updates his blog quite regularly. One particular post that I found quite useful was this one.


This blog is not cluttered with unecessary widgets but has the essentials like search, top articles, top commentators, recent articles, recent commentators, feedjit and a blogroll. It has a horizontal menu bar with Home, About Me, Contact, Links, Portfolio and Services which is a very user friendly addition to the blog. However, these same pages are repeated on the sidebar (under Pages) which is a bit redundant and can actually be removed if Mr Reezluv wished.

The comment format used is also very reader-friendly and interactive as it allows both Mr Reezluv and other bloggers to reply to each comment.


As a whole I think that is a well thought out blog with a reader friendly layout and informative content. Job well done.

*Want a chance to win a free domain? Join this contest now. Hurry, contest ends 2nd August.


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