Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain 1- 0 Netherlands : World Cup 2010 Highlights (on and off the pitch)

Finally, after a month of Football fever, the World Cup 2010 is over. I am a football-only-during world cup fan. Sadly this year I did not get to watch all the matches but managed to keep my World Cup spirit alive by reading all the blog posts the next day. The highligts (and low points) of the 2010 World Cup from my view. (The revised version: 2 additions in red).

NO. 12

We sent the first ever Malaysian referee to the World Cup. Sadly he was only the 4th Ref each time.

NO 11
Dutch female fans arrested for ambush marketing at World Cup. Hmm.. using sexy women to sell stuff, must be a new concept..

NO 10

New Zealand pulls off a draw against Italy! But then again defending champions Italy did not even make it past the group stage.

NO 9

Maradona's frequent outbursts on and off the field. He even had to be restrained by his daughter when Argentina lost to Germany.

NO 8

North Korea thrashed 0-7 by Portugal. It was a painful game to watch.

NO 7

Kaka sent off! *Uhuhu sob sob*

NO 6

After the initial controversy of being non-African and singing the World Cup anthem, you have to admit Shakira sure makes you want to shake those hips. Waka waka.

NO 5

Frank Lampard's goal disallowed! Bring on goal line technology... NOW!

NO 4

Does anyone else still hear that annoying buzzing sound in their ears? The vuvuzela certainly had its fair share of media coverage.

NO 3

Germany's manager caught eating his own boogers. Yucks! Seriously, yucks!

NO 2

Spain wins the World Cup! Uhuhuhu.. I wanted Holland to win.

and in first place, the most interesting and talked about highlight of the World Cup...

NO 1

Paul the Octopus got it right!!!!

Really, a colourful an exciting World Cup 2010. Can't wait for the next one. Excuse me, I have an octopus to kill.

*all pics Googled


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