Sunday, July 4, 2010

Report Card Day

~A clean slate~

We went for Report Card Day yesterday at my kids nursery and kindergarten, IIUM Educare. I must say, I always look forward to hearing what my kids have been up to at "school".

~I can do this with my eyes closed~

The first time I went was a couple years ago when it was just Yousof, at first I thought it was so strange to have an official day just to discuss a toddler's progress. Don't they just eat, sleep and play? But I found that actually, they did so much more than that.

~A masterpiece in my eyes~

This year was Hamzah's first Report Card Day but I wasn't worried, I knew that all my kids were amazing and well loved by their teachers. They always look forward to going to school each morning and I knew that was the best indication that they enjoyed being there.

~Music to my ears~

The reports?

~I love my teacher!~

"Yousof is a joyful child with a great interest in colouring and mathematics. He still needs practice with his writing skills but his reading skills have improved alot."

~I love my teacher!~

"Aishah seorang kanak-kanak yang pintar dan boleh berdikari. Penguasaan bahasanya sangat bagus dan dia suka bertanya dan bercerita. Dia juga sangat aktif dalam apa jua aktiviti di kelas."

~I love my teacher!~

"Hamzah seorang kanak-kanak yang baik dan riang. Dia mudah mesra dengan teman-teman dan sentiasa tersenyum."

All in all, a very good Report Card Day, don't you agree?


I just checked out the MBP website and my name and profile has already been updated as a contributor :) No picture yet because I have just created my Gravatar this morning (thanks to Kak Ros for the suggestion).


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