Monday, July 19, 2010

Even Mondays are great!

~Relax! It's a Monday~

It's a brand new week people! No room for Monday blues. Even though the kids love their weekend at home, they always look forward to "school" too. Now that the Stream has once more been converted into the official school van, my mornings will officially start after I send them all off to "school".

~Peace! We're off to school~

The short trip used to be filled with the sound of squabbling kids but nowadays they pretty much amuse themselves. Playing games and commenting on everything that happens outside the window. I love listening to their chatter. Yousof usually spends the trip "teaching" his younger siblings about trees, cars and other "important" stuff. Aishah plays the part of attentive student and Hamzah just likes to feel grown-up by "participating" in the conversations.

~Have a great day Ummi!~

Handing them over to their respective teachers still leaves me a with a little lump in my throat and I am the wistful one who waves fervently as they walk away from me. They usually just shake my hand and give a little wave before enthusiastically joining their friends.


~You can go now, Ummi!~

I learn alot from my kids and their positive attitude towards life. One of which is.. Even Mondays are great!


My second article for Triond has been published! Click for those interested in some Simple Study Tips.


I recieved a HUGE parcel today. The prizes for Kid's Fun Time contest by Funz Universe and has arrived. Thank you! I will post the pics of Yousof with his prizes tomorrow.


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