Tuesday, July 20, 2010

KID'S FUN TIME CONTEST: The Prizes arrived!

Remember this photo? Well, it won second prize in the KID'S FUN TIME CONTEST by FUNZ-UNIVERSE and SIMFONIKASIH.NET. Yesterday the prizes arrived. So many things too!
  • An animal/zoo track set
  • A Ben 10 bicycle toy
  • A Polo shirt for Yousof
  • and a mini massager for Ummi

~Can't wait to start building~

~Chup! I want the car~

~A man on a bicycle!~

~Perfect fit!~

The kids had loads of fun trying their new toys out, even in the restricted space. I had to cajole them into putting away the toys first so everyone could have dinner. I promised to let them set up the whole track outside on the porch on the weekend. Click here to view the winning entry.


Alhamdulillah, I also won a cute necklace from Rina's Wardrobe's Lucky Draw. :) Will update more when it arrives.


Yes folks, 5 years behind everyone else as usual, I have officially registered for a Twitter account. Anyone intrested to follow? Find me listed as hidayah6064. Lets get a-twittering ;)


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