Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breakfast at Hassan Shah

Where do the UKM Wondergirls go for breakfast I here you ask? (hehe, strange voices in my head). Well, we do have a few haunts not far from the UKM KL campus (can't go very far because we usually have a lot of work to do in the mornings). Sometimes I bring something from home (usually leftovers..hehe) or Aida's mother whipped up something delicious for us (uhuhu, Aida is already at Puncak Alam now). Most of the time the girls go to Hassan Shah, a mamak place right across the road (I go when I'm really hungry).

~Zil enjoying her roti banjir~

Being a mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurant, it has all the usual breakfast fare like different kinds of Roti canai (roti kosong, roti telur, roti planta, roti bom, roti sardin), tosai, roti bakar and also pre-packed nasi lemak, plus sometimes nasi goreng or mee goreng.

~My roti telur~

I usually have the roti telur with kari and sambal sauce. The girls love the roti banjir. Whenever we're feeling like a light breakfast we'll stick to the roti bakar.

~Shar sticking to the roti bakar~

The food isn't amazing but it's okay. The drinks are a bit on the sweet side but the milo ais is really nice. To start the day with a quick convenient breakfast, Hassan Shah is a good option.

PS: I miss my weekend roti canai with my family at a stall in Greenwood. Seriously, the BEST roti canai in Malaysia! On Sundays (takeaway only on this day, dine in available any other day), I get there at 7 am to take a number and there are already almost 20 people in front of me.


Alhamdulillah I recieved a package through the mail yesterday. It was the prize for the 'Tarik Tali Contest' by Roslinda at her blog +tentang seseorang+. She was so nice to give everyone who took part a beautiful prize. Thank you and I hope your niece Dania will get well soon.

~Her niece Dania is the blog header~

~Water themed pictorial series, click for full contest entry~

~Sweet scent of butterflies plus a little "love" note from Roslinda. Thanks!~


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