Friday, July 23, 2010

I hate Middle Lane Hoggers!

Aaargh! One and a half hours from Gombak to Chow Kit. The same amount of time to get to Melaka. Unbelievable!

Morning traffic is really annoying. I suppose everybody feels this on their way to work each day. With all the different types of traffic offenders out there, (people who never signal when switching lanes, always cut the queue at the very last minute, make illegal extra lanes etc etc) today was MLH day. What is MLH? Middle lane HOGGERS.

These are the people who decide that driving at 20 kmph on the middle lane is acceptable. Adding to the congestion and forcing me to hit the brake pedal every 2 minutes. For some reason I managed to get stuck behind not 1..not 2..not 3 but 4 MLHs on the way to work today. Thank goodness my radio was at full volume, managed to mask the sounds of my rantings and ravings.

~Maybe they should put this sign on the roads~

Please...Please..Please! If you are a huge trailer or lorry, or a digger, or sight-seeing, or an old lady with poor vision or drive a rust bucket that really can't go past 20 kmph, the slow lane was invented just for you. Kindly switch to that lane and let me get to work at a decent hour without having to burst an artery from all this stress.

*Apologies for the angry entry (once in a blue moon). Pics Googled.


After all the responses to my article in MBP yesterday Blogwalking with love, I have decided to remove my music widget. So please remember to bring your own music while visiting. Have a nice day!


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