Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A close run in with the DBKL tow truck

Yesterday we headed over to Medan MARA for lunch. Our favourite haunts there are the Ani Sup Utara and Sate Kajang Hj Samuri stalls. So that's basically what we had for lunch while listening to the DJ playing retro oldies songs through the loudspeakers.

~Sate Kajang: still one of the best~

~Ani Sup Utara, I love the meehon sup with sambal kicap~

Suddenly there was a loud, long horn sound from the street. Oh no! It was the DBKL tow truck. Sharlina had parked her car at the roadside right next to the Medan MARA. Illegal!
At the speed of light, she and Maz went back to the car. Amazingly, her blue Proton Saga was the only car left! I could have sworn that the whole street was lined with cars when we arrived. From my seat, I could see the DBKL tow truck already getting into position and reversing right in front of her car. Hurry Sharlina! Hurry!

When the DBKL enforcers stepped out of their truck and were about to hook the car he saw my friends already inside the car and starting the engine. "Eh, dah ada orang rupanya." Sharlina calmy drove the car into the underground parking nearby. Phew! Thank goodness. It would have been a long walk back to UKM.

*pics Googled because was so stunned at our narrow escape that I forgot to snap photos.

~Sharlina and her Mountain Blue~


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