Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My blog was reviewed!

Early during my blogging days (hehe..sounds like I've been blogging for ages huh?) I came across Catlina's blog. She's a vet by profession but a writer at heart (I can totally relate with that). She had this amazing idea to review 25 food blogs and hold a lucky draw for the chosen blogs.

I was chosen as blog number 14 and have been waiting nervously for Catlina to come (kinda like how Remy the rat felt in Ratatouille). Finally, the review came out yesterday.

Now, I get to paste this scrumptious drool inducing badge on my sidebar. Thanks Catlina!


Every blog needs support and I am so grateful to each and every visitor, reader and follower. It is only fitting that this lovely award given to me by Princess Fatin is passed on. For the proper way to accept this award please refer here.

There are so many people who I would like to give this to but I will pass it on to 3 people who always leave comments and give me words of encouragement (to the others who also do, I thank you too from the bottom of my heart).


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