Monday, July 5, 2010

Forget Tarbush, let's go to the Satay Bar

They say that too much of a good thing is often not so good. This is probably true since our last visit to the FoodRepublic at the Pavilion turned out to be a disappointment.

I decided to buy the Lamb Briyani from the Tarbush stall as I used to love going to Tarbush Restaurant in Ampang. Their Lamb Briyani was a real treat for me.

~Where did all the flavour go?~

Somehow, the one I bought at the FoodRepublic Tarbush stall fell short of my expectations. I'm not sure whether having my meal served on plastic plates and cutlery had an impact, but I believe so. It just did not taste or feel the same as I remembered. The portion was very large (a good thing), and even though the lamb meat fell away easily (even with plastic utensils), it wasn't juicy and tasted too much of lamb (a strange thing to say since it was lamb, but it should have flavour and not just taste of lamb). The rice wasn't as nice as other Briyani's and I was really struggling to finish it beacause of the overall lack of flavour. Shar did not have much luck with her Chicken Briyani either.

~Just smile and eat~

~Sate in Cup~

Zil and Maz scored some really delicious sate from the Serai Satay Bar. Not only were the sate served in a really cute and convenient "cup", they were actually really good. Both the chicken a nd the beef sate were well flavoured and juicy, and the peanut sauce had just the right degree of heat. The only downside was the price, it cost around RM 9.60 for 6 sticks. Location, location, location. Totally made up for Zil's Bihun Tom Yam which was so sweet that it was almost inedible.

~Tom Yam should NOT be this sweet~

I almost went and bought another cup of sate for myself. Almost. I managed to restrain myself, enough to get some JCo doughnuts. Ahaha...


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