Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sunshine Award

Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! I humbly accept this award and would like to thank all involved for all their sacrifices in making it a reality ...hehe..

Sound like I won an Oscar? Not quite. Anyhow, I would like to express my gratitude to Allergyc and Fizee for presenting me with the Sunshine Award. According to their blog, it is ...

"The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world."

Thanks alot guys! Actually, Allergyc was the one who encouraged me (a.k.a threatened nicely) to start my first blog more than a year ago (but that one had to be abandoned..hehe). I guess he knew I had a passion for writing since I was his CEd (Chief editor) on our school paper all those years ago.

And so in the spirit of sharing and love for all bloggers out there, I would therefore like to present these people (in no particular order) with the Sunshine Award too. Keep typing guys!

  1. Zaki Iskandar (a.k.a Allergyc) and his lovely wife Fizee, for their gorgeous fotoblog full of pictures of them galavanting across Europe without a care in the world. I'm jealous beyond belief. (I am allowed to give it back right? hehe.. not sure.. but I don't care .. you guys deserve 1000 rays of sunshine) tempus fugit, amor manet
  2. Miss Zakiah Ponrahono, who's amazing artistic talents continue to amaze me each day. She is the only one who's "sajak"s can move me to tears (tears of laughter also included). saya hidup dengan pensil warna
  3. Puan (hehe, sajer jer) Nur Sakinah Ramli (a.k.a Keen) for her honest and candid blog about anything and everything that happens in her life. This is my corner lipat
  4. Cik Nur Sriwani Saharom (a.k.a Seri or Wani ..ehem ehem) who is my personal blog 'guru', and customer service/FAQ counter about all things blog related. Hehe.. Without you I'm nothing
  5. Puan Asmahani Awang, eldest sister to an old friend who's blog I stumbled upon one day and was instantly hooked. Nice knowing and reading you, Along (tumpang yer panggil Along gak..hehe) As Days Go By
  6. Puan Mardiana (a.k.a Ana, loving wife to Nadzri) who's blog not only makes me green with envy (aaaaaaaarrgh! I wanna be there!) but helps to ensure that the "UKM geng ronggeng spirit" is still alive and kicking. Catatan Sahabat Kecil
  7. Mamarazzi (a.k.a Kathy Chung) who writes about books and food adventures as seen through the eyes of her cute and adorable son "small kucing" . Small Kucing
  8. Dr Ezura Madiana Md Monoto (a.k.a Ezzet) for her amazing and informative blog about the journey of discovery that is motherhood. A mother's discovery . I also am immensely jealous of her cooking activities (featured in another blog A small family with a big appetite)
  9. Dilly of Red FM who is 1/2 (the better half ..hehe..don't be mad JD) of my favourite DJ team on radio. Her blog is as bubbly and cute as she is and although she doesn't know me from Adam, I would still like to present her with this award :) Dilly- the voice personified
  10. Roszie my dear friend (and gorgeous wife to Ijal), newbie to the blogging world with her frank accounts of life around her. TADDDAAA
  11. Saidatul Akmar (an old family friend.. we knew each other when we were still knee high to Scottish grasshoppers) for her sweet and romantic blog about being in love. Hopefully, you will start writing again soon dear, I miss reading your Love Story
  12. Sufee my dear friend who's blog I have only recently began to stalk but am already loving it! the Confession of Cik.Wan.Kembang

There! All of you are an inspiration to me daily.

Friends, when you write about this award, you may follow these rules:

i. Nominate 12 more bloggers.
ii. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.
iii. Link the nominees within your post.
iv. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their respective blogs.
v. Share the love and link to the person from whom you have received the award.

I've got nothing but LOVE for all of you.


AA said...

Thanks Dayah. Glad to know that someone enjoys reading my plain and humble blog. :-)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Kak AA: You're welcome :) Blog biar plain asal tuannya berseri2 ..hehe

smallkucing said...

Thanks a lot Hidayah :D

myoneandonly ME said...

huhu hidayah..malu la aku..aku tulis blog suka2 & syok sendiri jer..malu pulak tetiba dpt award nih..nway million THANKS!!!
sapa pulak aku nk tag bg award nih..kau..roszie..sufee..sapa lagi ek??? hehe

AA said...

okeh. sudah publish itu award. 1st for this year. :-)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: You're welcome ..MEOW! :)

Keen: Tak yah malu2, semua org mengblog suka-suki jer..takpe2 pikir baik2 ..simpan2..hehe

Kak AA: bagus2.. pay it forward .. share the love (ahaha ..bunyi cam hippies lak )


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