Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yummy Rasa Nyonya Penang

~Hungry but happy~

We wanted a heavy lunch. We needed rice. So we decided to go to Rasa Nyonya Penang in Wangsa Maju (right next to Syed Ali). It was our first time there and we were warmly greeted by the owner who made us feel very comfortable.

~Showing my extra chubby side~

We didn't know how to choose from the menu since everything looked and sounded mouth-watering so we decided to go for the set lunch. Set B (3-4 ppl) RM 45.90.

  • Potato crackers
  • Green salad
  • Thai style crispy chicken
  • Sweet and sour fish
  • Vegetable and salted fish curry
  • Fragrant white rice
  • Local fruits
First of all, the portions were big, more than enough for the 4 of us. We finished the crackers while waiting for the meal. Zil introduced me to kedondong juice. I'm seriously not a fan.


The green salad was really good with ample dressing and fresh vegetables. The only problem was that it was sson negelected as the other dishes arrived because it did not really go with the meal.

The Thai style chicken was Sharlina's favourite dish. It had nice crispy chicken with a sweet and mildly ot sauce. The sweet and sour fish was also nicely cooked with crispy little fish pieces, the sauce was a bit on the sweet side but delicious all the same. The vegetable curry with salted fish was absolutely gorgeous and full of 'treasures' like brinjal, aubergines, long beans and tauhu. The meal was rounded of with a plate of ice cold juicy watermelon slices.

Like I told the manager/owner, "Great meal, we're definitely coming back!"

Friday, July 30, 2010

My thoughts on (Contest)

It takes a brave man indeed to accept the opinions of others. It takes a braver man to make it a contest and reward the best reviewer.

Read Dahlia's entry on "Ada orang nak bagi domain FREE!" and decided to give it a shot. Since Mr Reezluv asked for a review of his blog, here is mine.


The layout is very simple with a white background and pastel highlights and black font. It looks very neat and pristine. Not at all cluttered and easy to read the posts. Having just 3 posts per page with 'read more' function also adds to the compactness of the blog.

The header is perhaps a bit too simple and I'm not that keen on the tagline (Blog, Blogging , Blogger- Blogger, Blogging, Blog lah!) as it is a bit too generic. Perhaps Mr Reezluv might consider a more personalized header and tagline. Plus the smaller font in the header slightly overlaps the bigger font (I'm not sure if this was done intentionally).

The header design was also repeated as a footer at the bottom of the blog. Perhaps Mr Reezluv can consider other options to maximize that space (such as a disclaimer or social network tabs).


As a whole has very informative posts regarding blogging in general and IT/computer related products. This is a good niche for bloggers who are IT savvy. The entries are well written and contain many good tips and relevant information. He also updates his blog quite regularly. One particular post that I found quite useful was this one.


This blog is not cluttered with unecessary widgets but has the essentials like search, top articles, top commentators, recent articles, recent commentators, feedjit and a blogroll. It has a horizontal menu bar with Home, About Me, Contact, Links, Portfolio and Services which is a very user friendly addition to the blog. However, these same pages are repeated on the sidebar (under Pages) which is a bit redundant and can actually be removed if Mr Reezluv wished.

The comment format used is also very reader-friendly and interactive as it allows both Mr Reezluv and other bloggers to reply to each comment.


As a whole I think that is a well thought out blog with a reader friendly layout and informative content. Job well done.

*Want a chance to win a free domain? Join this contest now. Hurry, contest ends 2nd August.

Nasi Goreng Emergency!

Last night's white rice


Onions and garlic





Delicious Nasi Goreng Seafood for breakfast to bring to the office

Not quite...


The gas ran out halfway through. No-one to call at 6am. :(

Probably Nasi Goreng seafood for dinner *sigh*

PS: Is there a 24 hour gas delivery service? I vaguely remember an advert on tv.

*pics Googled credit to their owners


My blogger friend nana has just launched a new segmen on her blog called "Segmen Bebelan Berilmu Bersama Nana". Her first topic is 'Cinta sesama Blogger, di mana penghujungnya?'. Check it out.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Madam Lim's? Why?

~Guess how many people actually were there? 3! Count the drinks!~

It was probably one of the few remaining restaurats in AU2 Setiawangsa that we have not tried yet. Judging by the lunch crowd, it seemed to be quite popular. The pics on the menu were also quite enticing. So our little band of UKM Wondergirls decided it was time to give Madam Lim's cooking a try.

Our menu:

  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Mee hailam
  • Mee hoon Tom Yam

~Looks better than it tastes~

The only reason I ordered Kung Pao Chicken was that because it's such a famous dish (always eaten by people in movies who order chinese takeout food) but I had never tried it before. The "small" portion was actually quite big so RM 7 ++ seemed reasonable under the circumstances. It looked quite appetizing too. Sadly, looks can be decieving. The taste was quite bland and it felt like someone had just taken some chicken strips and mixed them around in some oyster sauce or something. So until now, I don't think I can claim to know how the real Kang Pao Chicken is meant to taste like.


Zil fared alot worse. Her Mee Hailam was basically Mee Kicap. It tasted simply of mee drenched in half a bottle of soy sauce. Almost inedible, she ended up forcing herself to eat a few bites (even I pitied her and braved a few spoonfulls). Sharlina's mee hoon Tom Yam was at least decent. They made it from scratch and did not just use paste but the Tom Yam was so full of the incompletely blendered ingredients that was a big distraction from the actual taste.

~just ok~

~A kicap lorry probably collided with her mee~

I don't know if we were unlucky to order the only items on the menu that wasn't good or if all the food is like that. All in all a very disappointing lunch. Wonder what Madam Lim has to say for herself?


Am a bit sad that some people have decided to play the race card again. It seems like everytime things don't go our way, someone has to jump up and accuse "racism". I guess, it's not as easy as we thought to live in a multi-national country (although, it's surprising how eager we are to tell the whole world how harmonious and special we are). Grow up people, nothing is free. Work hard for something and hopefully you'll get your own rewards. I leave you with eriqazz and carl to find out more, "peace on earth and all that jazz".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where am I?

*credit to the source

Just wanted to say,
Will be stepping out today,
Things to do and people to see,
Will blog again A.S.A.P!


My latest MBP article on important things to look out for when your child has fever and some simple tips to help you out. Feeling hot hot hot!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waiting on ice

~Wish I had a lampost to hug too~

I hate waiting for people to do their job properly. I am currently waiting for the person who holds the key to the centrifuge room to grace us with his presence so I can turn on the ice machine and the centrifuge. Both need to be switched on so I can start my labwork.

If I'm not mistaken, government employees are supposed to be here by 8 am. It already 9.40am!

Just so that today's post won't turn out to be a ranting and raving post. Let's just change the subject. What would be a much more positive subject? How about, things to do while I wait;

Update my blog.

~I think blogging for food is a GREAT idea~

about a great breakfast (too late to actually have breakfast).

~Am soooo hungry~

Plan my non-existant holiday (where to go? UK? China?)

~An all expenses paid trip wouldn't be so bad huh?~

Oh, by the way. I recieved my first "hate" comment today. The brave Mr/Ms Anonymous decided to insult me because Lagenda Budak Setan was the first Malay movie I saw at the cinemas. Hehe, of all the things to find fault with. I deleted the comment because I don't like people who go around insulting others.

"Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Think positive thoughts."

Seems like I'm going to have to change my plans for the whole day just because someone couldn't be bothered to show up to work on time. All I want is a little ice! (also needed to cool me down)



I joined a new site today. The Sisterswhoblog Network. I chanced upon it while visiting Ajjah's blog. Am still not sure how everything works and what the benefits are but am hoping that it will be a positive sharing experience.

Visit Sisterswhoblog Network

*pics Googled

~My first Sisterswhoblog article~

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dude, where's my car? Aishah's version

~Yousof's car (well, googled pic but you get the idea)~

At my house everybody has a car. It's because everyone works at different places and cannot car pool. Even my parents who work at the same place need separate cars because my dad often has to go for meetings and conferences elsewhere.

There is an extra car at the house. An old red Volkswagen Beetle that can no longer cruise the open highways because no-one will insure it. My dad bought the car a few years ago and he used to love driving it on the weekends. From the first time Yousof saw the car he automatically staked his claim. To him, it was only logical that the car was his because everybody else already had their own car. He's forever getting driving tips from me and eating alot so that he can be big enough to drive his car :) (good motivation for a picky eater).

Yesterday, Aishah asked a million dollar question.

"Tok Wan, kenapa Aishah sorang aje yang takde kereta?" Just as my mother was trying to come up with a suitable reply, Yousof chimed in.

"Aishah kena sabar lah. Aishah tu baru 3 years old. Nanti Aishah dah 5 years old macam abang, Tok Ki beli lah kereta untuk Aishah."

"Iye ker? (satisfied)"

Wow! My dad better start saving from now. He has 2 years to buy this "great" present. How uncomplicated kids view life :)

~Their current mode of transportation~


My latest article for Triond. Conquering Fear of Public Speaking and Giving a Great Presentation. A very simple article with some simple tips. Check it out!


I would like to wish a beautiful blogger buddy of mine, Farah and her hubby, Happy First Anniversary. May your lives be filled with love, always.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inception (movie review) : Awesome!

After reading the amazing movie review by Carl, I knew that this was a movie that I just had to see! So the UKM Wondergirls took advantage of the longer lunch time last Friday and managed to arrive just in time for the 12.30 pm screening at Berjaya Times Square. We sat in the second row (seemed like mere inches from the screen) and I had a great time.

Title: Inception
Director/Writer/Producer: Christopher Nolan (same as The Dark Knight)


Leonardo DiCaprio as Cobb
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur (that kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun)
Ellen Page as Ariadne (loved her in Juno)
Tom Hardy as Eames
Ken Watanabe as Saito (hey! the guy from The Last Samurai)
Dileep Rao as Yusuf
Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer Jr
Marion Cotillard as Mal

Basic synopsis:

Cobb and his team are experts in corporate espionage. Their MO is to steal people's ideas from their dreams through dream sharing. After meeting Saito, they embark on an impossible mission. Not to steal and idea but to implant one- Inception. Cobb assembles a new team , Arthur his right-hand man, Ariadne the gifted architect, Eames the hilarious forger and Yusuf the chemist. Together they all venture into the subconcious world of Robert Fischer's dreams whilst being pursued by Cobb's own dark past.

What I liked about this movie:

The best thing about this movie was the incredible storyline and plot. It was absolutely amazing that someone could think up of such a complex idea and yet be able to convince the viewing public that it was plausible. The visual effects were stunning with endless breath-taking action sequences and jaw-dropping panoramic views. The acting was stellar and each cast member delivered a solid performance. Proof that the story was excellent? No unnecessary love/sex scenes at all!

What I disliked about this movie:

I can't really think of anything except perhaps the ending! Even so it was engineered to make everyone leave the cinema thinking "Did he..or didn't he?" We will never know..hehe.

A quote I liked from the movie:

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.
- Eames (and takes out a grenade launcher)

Definitely a must see movie. Go! Go!

Rating: 4.8/5

*pics Googled

Friday, July 23, 2010

I hate Middle Lane Hoggers!

Aaargh! One and a half hours from Gombak to Chow Kit. The same amount of time to get to Melaka. Unbelievable!

Morning traffic is really annoying. I suppose everybody feels this on their way to work each day. With all the different types of traffic offenders out there, (people who never signal when switching lanes, always cut the queue at the very last minute, make illegal extra lanes etc etc) today was MLH day. What is MLH? Middle lane HOGGERS.

These are the people who decide that driving at 20 kmph on the middle lane is acceptable. Adding to the congestion and forcing me to hit the brake pedal every 2 minutes. For some reason I managed to get stuck behind not 1..not 2..not 3 but 4 MLHs on the way to work today. Thank goodness my radio was at full volume, managed to mask the sounds of my rantings and ravings.

~Maybe they should put this sign on the roads~

Please...Please..Please! If you are a huge trailer or lorry, or a digger, or sight-seeing, or an old lady with poor vision or drive a rust bucket that really can't go past 20 kmph, the slow lane was invented just for you. Kindly switch to that lane and let me get to work at a decent hour without having to burst an artery from all this stress.

*Apologies for the angry entry (once in a blue moon). Pics Googled.


After all the responses to my article in MBP yesterday Blogwalking with love, I have decided to remove my music widget. So please remember to bring your own music while visiting. Have a nice day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory

Ever since reading her more "famous" book The Other Boleyn Girl, I was excited to read other Philippa Gregory books. Here is what I thought of this one.

Title: The Other Queen
Author: Philippa Gregory
Basic plot

Mary Stuart was the granddaughter to Henry VIIth sister. She was a Queen 3 times over with claims to the throne of Scotland, France and some say the true heir to the throne of England as compared to her cousin Elizabeth, bastard daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn. She also lost 3 husbands, one young prince too weak to outlive her, one pansy noble murdered (some say by her plot) and a Scottish barbarian who kidnapped and raped her. She escaped to England in the hope of getting protection from her cousin and fellow queen from the unryly Scottish lords only to find herself a prisoner in England. The captors are the Earl of Shrewbury, George Talbot, a noble and honourable man soon torn between his duty towards one queen and his love for the other, and his wife Countess Elizabeth (Bess) Hardwick, a self-made woman intent on preserving her fortune.~Some said she was the most beautiful Queen in the world~

What I liked about this book

I am a big fan of historical fiction and I have fond memories of my time in Scotland, so this book was double the pleasure for me. I had already read a book by a different author on the life of Mary prior to her captivity in England so this was a good continuation. Even though the story was told from the eyes of 3 different people (Mary, George and Bess) it did not lose its flow ad each character was distinct from the other. The author managed to carry over not only vivid images of the period but also of the sentiment of the people at the time. She also managed to paint a beautiful picture of Mary Queen of Scots as a surviver and not just a tragic icon.

What I disliked about this book

In terms of the writing, I think that the author shone more in "The Other Boleyn Girl". This book at times seemed a bit repetitive and the language was slightly simplistic and crude (although it may have been her way of affirming several key points).

A quote I liked from this book

I know you are no saint, worse: I know that you are a murderer. I know you are a criminal fit for the scaffold and you will undoubtedly burn in hell. So come. I don't know who will save me if you do not. Please come. You are, as before, my only hope. - Marie writing to Bothwell

A good read. An interesting look at one of the iconic female figures in history. She was a figurehead and many men willingly fought and died for her.

Rating: 3.9/5

*pics Googled

Alhamdulillah, Nuffnang decided to give me my 4th Buffered Earning. AXE Deoderant (I love the TV ads ..hehe). Thank you to Nuffnang and thank you to all visitors, readers and followers of this blog.


My third article for MBP is out today. Come and read how I like to go Blogwalking with LOVE.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Lunch offer at The Chicken Rice Shop

~Like my new bookmarks?~

Lucky Sharlina's going to Brunei for a conference and she's going to present her research findings there. Can't wait for my turn. So yesterday, the UKM Wondergirls set off on an impossible mission to find some Brunei currency. We went to 5 different money changers without any success. Each one kept telling us to just take the Singapore dollar as the exchange rate was the same.

Dejected and hungry, we stopped for lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop to try out their new Good Lunch offer. (Choice of $avers Good Lunch, Ladies Good Lunch, Noodle Good Lunch and Healthy Good Lunch). We went for 2 savers and 2 noodles (seems like we were not healty ladies..hehe).

Our $avers Good Lunch was a steal at only RM 6.90 and Maz and Zil also enjoyed their Noodle lunches. I am a big fan of Nasi Ayam, the best one of course is my mom's, second is one at the food court in Mahkota Parade (Melaka). To me the Chicken Rice Shop Nasi Ayam is actually quite good. I prefer the old fashioned roasted chicken. I like their Pai Tee and Kerabu Mangga too (not included in the $avers set).~Ordered side dish- I didn't like the chicken dumplings, but I love Pai Tee~

Finally, after searching everywhere for those Brunei dollars, we finally found it right across the street in Chow Kit. Have fun in Brunei Sharlina, don't forget to bring back some nice souvenirs.


Notice the little blue bird on my page? Hehe..


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