Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Never go to a Pasar Malam when hungry

~So many choices~

In my house, it is strictly forbidden to cook on Saturdays and Mondays. The reason? Because those are Pasar Malam days which also mean that my mother and I do not have to worry about whipping up dinner on those nights. The only time this rule is broken is if we have guests or if there are REALLY fresh seafood in the freezer that absolutely have to be cooked immediately.

So, yesterday, I stopped off at our local Pasar Malam to buy dinner and my iftar (I managed to fast that day-despite the greatest of temptations not to). Usually my father is the designated Pasar Malam goodies buyer but since he is still recovering from surgery, the baton was handed over to me.

I am the worst person to send. I never know what to buy. EVERYTHING looks good. Even the stuff that I know I don't like. That's why in Ramadhan I always stick to the only one kuih/snack and one main dish rule (example: karipap and nasi ayam, or if I buy sate then that's enough).

Since it wasn't Ramadhan yet, I could not prevent myself from splurging. So last night (besides dinner for the family), I bought all these for myself:

~Murtabak: At my Pasar Malam, Murtabak Pak Din is the BEST~

~Yong Tau Fu: My favourite is those flat square ones~

~Pau goreng: I LOVE deep fried red bean pau!~

Seems like I had better start practicing for Ramadhan eh?

PS: Don't worry, I had 2 pau's, half a murtabak and a small portion of the yong tau fu for iftar. Then I recycled everything for sahur early this morning :)

*credit pics to Google and the people who took them. I was too hungry to snap photos.


I will mail the One Day I will.. prizes today InsyaAllah. Just have to find some stamps..hehe


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