Friday, June 4, 2010

Wanted: have you seen this girl?

~Learn from the best, that's what they're here for..hehe~

As I happily munched my fries and was reading posts from all my favourite Blogs , I was surprised to see this:

~I'm not seeing things right? That IS my name?~

Hmm.. I wonder why an MBP Ambassador like Nia was looking for me. A few thoughts raced through my mind:

  • Did I do something wrong? Hopefully not, but since I am very new to blogging the chances of me breaking some unwritten blogging rule is quite high.
  • Did I win something? The funny thing is Nia didn't hold any contest recently, and if she did and I missed out, because I don't remember entering any contest at her blog.
  • Did I mistype my URL when I was blogwalking? Oh no, horror of horrors. Hopefully not. I think most people managed to visit back safely.
I can't really think of any other reason. It did not help that her post today was on urinary incontinence (leaking bladder). Now, I'm sure I don't have that.

~Click pic for more info~

Excuse me while I take a short trip to the Ladies room to ponder this mistery. I wonder if there any more spaces for this event.


j0j0_bdiN@ said...

dah daftar dah untuk kegel eith poise fair..
pergi ke?

Nia said...

haha,..i bukan kata u ada problem dengan bladder la...i tergelak-gelak baca entry u ni tau.

kan Hidayah ada tinggal komen kat my blog, i nak visit balik ur blog, tapi asyik profile not available. maybe kena adjust setting kot.

tapi dekat shoutbox i boleh masuk..nice!

u tak buat ape2 salah laa..i nak balas komen je..thanks for visiting my blog ya..hehe..


Hidayah Ismawi said...

Jojo: Tak dapat pergi :( But I think it's very good idea.. urinary incontinece is a real problem among women .. we should dispell the stigma and take steps to prevent it ..

Nia: ahaha.. ke.. hmm.. I wonder if it's like that for everyone.. sedihnya..

Ala... ingatkan ada menang apa2 ke .. sob sob


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