Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pick of the day :) - Handphone secrets

I love my phone. I would definitely be lost without it. Initially, I wasn't too keen on it (am currently using the Sony Ericsson K801 or is it K810, I forgot) because I have always used Nokia previously. I thought, aesthetically the design wasn't easy on the eye.

After a while I grew attached to it, especially the camera :) Now, eventhough it's old and cranky (it has temper tantrums occasionally, refuses to charge), I'm still loathe to trade it in for a newer, sleeker (and more expensive) model.

My Pick of the Day today is all about the wonderful secrets we never knew about our handphone. My friends and I have had a blast testing them out. Why don't you try?

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smallkucing said...

read these before. Not sure whether num 2 will work or not but num 4 definitely out. A friend who owned a handphone shop say those who work at handphone shop before knows how to activate the phone again even after being disabled

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: Zil & I are going to put number 2 to the test next week.. will report back ..hehe


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