Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Blog About Food- Pick me!

Food glorious food! Magical food..Wonderful food..Marvellous food..Fabulous food..Beautiful food..GLORIOUS food!
- Oliver! The Musical

I've been wanting to enter this contest since the first time I logged in to the Mom Bloggers Planet website but I didn't have the courage. Today is the day!

  1. Blog Name / URL
  2. When do you start blogging?
  3. Introduce yourself and your blog
  4. Why do you blog about food?
  5. Do you make money with your food blog?
  6. Why should we pick your food blog?

Most of the people who stumble upon my blog (One Day at a Time probably walk away with their tummies rumbling. In the 3 months or so that I have been actively blogging most of my posts are about food.

As a mother of 3, life at home can be pretty hectic, so I take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I am a medical doctor currently pursuing my Masters in Pharmacology and will end up as a lecturer once all this is over. I am passionate about 4 things.

My family and friends




I love good food. By good, I don't mean expensive or fancy, just simply delicious will suffice. When I was younger the ONLY thing I ate was "ayam masak merah". It used to drive my mother crazy. As I got older, my tastebuds evolved and now I love exploring new dishes and flavours. I love sharing my experiences with others so that everyone can truly appreciate the rapture of enjoying a good meal.

As for whether or not my blog makes money. It suffices to say that at the moment my nuffnang account wouldn't be enough to even pay for a plate of Nasi Goreng Kampung.

IF this blog contest was about who makes the best cakes or pastry
THEN I wouldn't qualify because I don't even have an oven.

IF this blog contest was about who has the best homemade recipes to share online
THEN I wouldn't qualify because my recipes differ each time I cook.

IF this blog contest was for expert or novice chefs who dazzle in the kitchen
THEN I wouldn't qualify because I rarely get the chance to whip up a sumptious meal.

BUT this blog contest is about FOOD! And FOOD is something I know and LOVE and hopefully people reading the blog can attest to from my writing. A little sampler ...

So Mom Bloggers Planet, I Blog About Food- Pick Me! Please? Pretty please with Air Batu Campur on top?

PS: Sometimes it's not just the food that defines the experience, it's the experience that defines the food.


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