Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Delightful Donashi @ Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

I don't eat sushi! I've tried, trust me. But raw fish just isn't part of my vast culinary reportoire. However, I managed find a solution to overcome this deficiency (ahaha..sushi deficiency) yesterday.

The UKM wondergirls and I decided to try yet another new place for lunch (more about that later). The biggest danger of waiting hungrily for your order to come is that you are often tempted. Especially if Big Apple was just opposite your table.

~So cute!~

So we snuck out and bought 28 (yes! 28) Donashi (Doughnut + Sushi = Donashi). Well, it was RM 20 for 18, RM 25 for 28, who can blame us?. I must admit, they looked so cute. The set came in this really cool container complete with chocolate dipping sauce and chopsticks! Talk about wow! factor.

~Green Tea! I don't like green tea, Zil does~

The Donashi themselves were nice. True Big Apple officionados (like the UKM Wondergirls) claimed that they did not taste as good as their original counterparts but I thought they were good for their petite stature. Some had strawberry, chocolate or custard filling (although I couldn't remember which was which). And the chocolate sauce was just dreamy.


So next the time people ask me "Do you like sushi?" I can answer "No, but I LOVE Donashi." ;)

~Lunch report coming soon~


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Colourful life said...

erm..sdap nya..nyami2x..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Colourful life: mmg.. makan 7 sorang tu ..jgn main2 ...hehe

Salmia said...

kira donut ala2 sushi la ek?
toping dia cmne?

sYaFiQa said...

salam...nampak cam besh jerk.... lapor...huhuhuu

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Salmia: Topping dia mostly cream and jam or chocolate, and some hard jelly..But almost similar even though different designs

Syafiqa: best best :)

PUPUT said...

sedap...kaler2...sushi klu manis2 best ke pelik..hehe...

Syigim said...

WOW! a real smart move. luring sushi non-lovers (hey, me too lah!) to eat sushi disguised as donuts!


smallkucing said...

I am one of those that dont eat sushi. :p

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Puput: hehe.. nasib ni donut yg menyamar jadi sushi jer

Syigim: hehe.. I think more a case of donuts disguised as sushi ;)

Smallkucing; Geng!


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