Saturday, June 5, 2010

WALL-E (2008) - Movie Review


I have a soft spot for Disney-Pixar animations. As usual, I am 2 years behind the rest of the world and have only gotten round to seeing WALL-E today. I guess when the movie came out, I was less than enthusiastic to watch a movie about the consequences of humanity's greed and voracious appetite for development. Don't get me wrong, I care about our planet and its future but I wouldn't classify myself as a bona fide environmental activist.

Basic Plot

Sometime in the future (Year 2805), earth's sole inhabitant, a trash compacting robot named WALL-E continues to fulfill his directive of cleaning up after humanity's garbage. The earth has turned into a wasteland of rubbish and humans left 700 years ago to live a decadent lifestyle in space. When a probe robot named EVE is sent to find evidence of sustainable life on earth, pandamonium erupts. WALL-E, smitten with the beautiful EVE, follows her back to the space station where a hilarious story of love, friendship and mutiny unfolds.

~Love at first sight?~

What I liked most about the movie

It amazes me how Disney-Pixar are able to convey emotions simply through the characters movements and robotic sounds. My heart went out to the sweet and innocent WALL-E. The storyline was also quite unique, with the environmental message always present but not in a patronizing way.

~So cute!~

What I disliked about the movie

There is little to dislike, it is after all a light animated movie. However, fans of action based movies would probably find the storyline a bit slow.

A quote I liked from the movie

"I don't want to survive! I want to live!" (It's how everybody should feel)

All in all a very good movie with superb animations and beautiful storytelling (eventhough only 5% of the dialog is in actual English). Good wholesome family viewing. If you haven't seen it, you should.

Rating: 3.9/5

Now I feel like recycling something...


Now that the new Karate Kid movie is coming out, makes me wanna revisit the original one. Can't wait to see what Darkbatman thinks of the new Karate Kid movie. He got free tickets. Don't believe me? Try clicking here.

~Pssst.. I hear he has an extra ticket. Any volunteers?~


Aidi-Safuan said...

haha... terkejut kenapa citer wall-e baru nak review sekarang nih. :P

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Aidi-Safuan: ahaha..kita mmg camtu..2 tahun lah.. I'm reviewing my DVD movies too :) kot2 lah ada org lain yg tertinggal keretapi mcm saya

LaNuNsepet said...

baru tengok ke kak? he3..
mesti anak2 akak nak tgk ni

Nia said...

ala,..sian dekat Wall-E masa kena tinggal tu..huhu...

Fakhrur Razi said...

hohoho ak powng lom tgk lgik cter WallE

akuvision said...

hehehe tak kisahlah tahun bila kita review movie, janji kita suka ngan story dia kan?, memang minat filem WALL-E, siapa sangka robot pun ada permainan emosi mereka sendiri dan memaparkan bertapa mlasnya manusia untuk bergerak sehingga memberi effect yang tak bagus untuk revolusi genetik.

p/s:- Saya jugak dapat free ticket untuk filem Karate Kid tapi nampaknya kena revoke balik cam ticket persia yang lepas sebab tak kena masa, lagipun jauh nak pi!!!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Lanunsepet : hehe.. mmg baru tengok.. kita ni mmg slalu tertinggal ketapi

Nia: a'ah sian yg teramat sgt ..uhuhu..kelakar tgk robot pun boleh terharu

Fakhrur Razi: ahaha.. ada gak org yg lebih "advance" dr kita ye.. tengok..jgn tak tengok..BEST

akuvision: Setuju..setuju..hehe.. boleh terbayang jer berlaku kan? sbb manusia ni mmg kalau blh semua benda nak ada yg tolong buatkan.. ker.. nuffnang tak bagi ke sedara atau kawan2 yg tolong tengokkan? Kita pun risau kalau2 dpt yg tak sesuai (hehe..belum menang dah risau..)


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