Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sakura Kristal Restaurant- More shine than substance

"What YOUTH deemed crystal, AGE finds out was dew."
~ Robert Browning

Last Friday we decided to try a new place for lunch. Sakura Kristal at AU2 Setiawangsa. The menu selection was impressively long, full of saliva inducing pictures of and endless choice of both Western and Asian cuisines. After studying the menu extensively we decided on:

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Supreme (MINE!)
  • Hong Kong Kuey Teow
  • Sizzling Yee Mee
  • Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice

The restaurant was packed with customers and the friendly staff kindly gave us a heads up that the food might be a little late. However, we did not have to wait long at all.

~We waited only 10-15 minutes~

~KING sized sirap bandung- Shared!~

My Chicken Cordon Bleu was, to be honest, a slight disappointment. The coleslaw and mini hash browns were scrumptious, and the mayo dip was nice but the chicken itself was not up to par. It was extremely dry and really difficult to cut up into small pieces (despite the sharp steak knife they gave me). Even with the mushroom sauce that I added on to counter this problem, I was still unsatisfied. The Cordon Bleu stuffing was strangely spicy and had the consistency of a fishball (tasted a bit like that too). I think, if the white meat was more tender, and if it was served with a delicious sauce, it would be a much better dish. Looked gorgeous though.

~Chicken Cordon Bleu Supreme: Wish it was less dry~

~Sizzling Yee Mee: Everybody's favourite, although I'm not a big Yee mee fan~

~Hong Kong Kuey Teow: A bit too salty for me~

~Couldn't finish it had to call for help~

Hmm... at least we got to go somewhere new. Plus, we called Cik Ton in Sabah and out that she had been posted somewhere near Sandakan.


Nia said...

chicken cordon bleu tu, tak nampak ayamnya la..hehe

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Nia: ayamnya dah disalut dan disumbat.. should have been great but not so :(

akuvision said...

huhuhu hongkong kuey teow, really eye pleasing

Hidayah Ismawi said...

AV: tu lah semua nampak mmg sedap.. tapi ada saje yg terkurang atau terlebih.. the HK kuey teow not bad.. cuma sedikit masin for me..hehe

NaNaJoe said...

tertarik dgn air bandung tu~ ;p

fiziskandarz said...

huhuhu the hong kong kue tiow really looks yummy huwaaaa!!

anyways CEd, we would like to award u with The Interesting award. drop by at our blog to collect it ok ;)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Nana: Bandung dia sgt manis :)

Allergyc: Kuey Teow agak masin but ok.. award?? hehe.. baru buat entry.. nanti kita buat pasal yours pulak (selang beberapa hari ..kalau tak org menyampah pulak..hehe).. thanks a miliion


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