Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eat first.. go later

~Cik Ton with Cik Kemar~

"How lucky I am to have someone so hard to say goodbye to."

Not only are the UKM Wondergirls famous for their gastronomic escapades but our whole department has a certain penchant for Malaysia's number 1 pastime, "Makan-makan". Today we had a farewell lunch for my friend Hidayah a.k.a Cik Ton (our science officer). Since tomorrow will be her last day of work before finishing off her annual leave and flying off to Sabah.

~Ladies in waiting~

I don't know who ordered the food this time but they did an excellent job. Our menu:

  • Ayam goreng berempah
  • Kari daging
  • Sambal udang
  • Sayur goreng
  • Ulam dan sambal belacan
  • Air sirap soda

~My supervisor's hand ..syhhhhh...~

The food was actually really good. The chicken wasn't too spicy, the curry was really thick and full of flavour and the shrimp sambal (although not as fresh or large as the ones I had for dinner last night - another story) was very well cooked. I had 2 helpings (when am I gonna start dieting?!).

~My first round~

~Ready, set ..go!~

Before eating the head of department gave a short speech and so did Hidayah. Then she handed over a little token of appreciation from the department.

~Cik Ton with Prof Ima (our head honcho)~

Since the gift was placed in a black paper bag, Cik Ton didn't know what it was. She was in for a surprise.

Actually we had tricked her yesterday by claiming that we had to buy a wedding gift for a friend. She had picked out the gift herself! Hehe.. at least this way we know that she will enjoy using them in Sabah.
~Bodyshop model~
PS: It's not goodbye yet. The UKM Wondergirls will be sending her off at KLIA next week!


Syigim said...

good one lah - ask her to help pick out a gift for a wedding, turns out its actually for her! baguih punya trick :P

anyways, LOVE d new look!

smallkucing said...

so nice...:D Your collegues seems to be very close knitted

TeRRoRRiZZ said...

sedapnyer lah......

lina said... nyer food and best nyer kawan2...:)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Syigim: Hehe... we wanted to make sure that she got something whe really liked and will use.. better than buying pewter huh?'s beginning to grow on me too (am not usually a flowery gal)

Smallkucing: Yup, with all the craziness around here, I am thankful to have such good friends.. and they help keep me young ahaha.. (they are all still in their 20s..sigh)

Terrorriz: Memang sedap! Tu yg sampai dua pinggan tu..

Lina: Yup, food always taste better in great company :)

Hani Che Lat said...

so, there's an empty place in UKM Wondergirls now. want to consider an old UKM girl as the replacement? hahaha (just joking).
err.. hidayah, tak payah diet lah. u tak nampak gemuk pun. :-)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

kak asmahani: ahaha... boleh2 .sila hantar resume ...
tulah..kita pun tak rasa gemuk.. tapi semua org ckp gemuk :(

sha said...

ahahha... entahnya.. takya diet2.. a'ahla dr.. kita da kene start wat interview da ni.. uhuk.. pasni ade 2 kekosongan dlm ukm wondergirls.. sob..sob..


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