Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creative Blogger Award

"Creative; having or showing imagination and artistic or intellectual inventiveness."

After my EARLY morning blog-jog (a.k.a waking people up for Subuh) today, I was pleasantly surprised to see this in my shout box.

~Wow! For real?~

Yeay! Such a wonderful start to the morning. Thank you to eddyboyz86 :)

Here's a little info about the award.


PENCIL yang besar

Menunjukkan kesenian yang begitu peka terhadap blog anda dan mencerminkan sesuatu nilai penghasilan.

FILEM bergerak tanpa henti

Menunjukkan AWARD ini di FOWARD kepada bloggerist yang betul-betul layak menerima.

bulat berkelip-kelip

jika di perhatikan betul-betul, ia adalah manusia yang berkepalakan monitor komputer. ini membawa maksud anda adalah seorang yang begitu bijak menguasai dunia alam maya ke globalisasi.

(Copied from eddyboz86's blog- I did not want the meaning to be lost in translation)

Now, I'm supposed to pass this along to 5 people who I think really deserve it. Such a hard choice, since there are so many good blogs out there. My choices are relatively new bloggers (bacause I know that amazing ones like Uncle, Darkbatman, Dahlia etc are have awards by the truckloads already ..hehe). So it is with great honour that I forward this award to;

~Fiziskandarz: Because I will never tire of being impressed by your amazing talents~

~Carl Samsudin: For his creative posts and being one of the first bloggers to extend the hand of friendship to me~

~Blabberina: For showing how far a newbie blogger can go~

~Syigim: Because I love the way she writes, and her kids are too adorable~

~Kitatauke: Because his humorous lighthearted posts never fails to make me smile~

I wish I could give more... I hope you guys will accept this award and pass it on to those you deem worthy :)


This is where I learnt how to make a scrollbox today :)

Tips for New Bloggers


Syigim said...

baru sempat check out the award. THANKS SO MUCH for ur sweet simple words! :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Sygim: You're welcome. Do pass it on when you have time

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!


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