Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy's Day Out -Vivo American Pizza & Panini

~Reen & Nadd~

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."
-Sidney J. Harris

My best friend Keen and I decided that we deserve one day a month to meet up, catch up and stock up (on gossip that is..hehe). So for the past year or so we've had our monthly (although not always) Mommy's Day Out.

There's nothing quite like getting together with your closest friends and just leaving all your worries behind for a day. Hey, they'll still be there when we get back :)

This time upon special request from Keen, we went for a movie and lunch at Berjaya Times Square. The movie? Lagenda Budak Setan. I kept bothering Nadd and Keen with questions throughout the movie..hehe.

~Click the pic for my review~

Then we all headed for lunch. Our destination Vivo American Pizza and Panini. Our menu:

  • New York Fish & Chips (MINE!)
  • Lemon Herb Salmon Steak
  • Chicken & Mushroom baked pasta
  • Baked Fish Pasta
  • Choco Brownies Mallows, Cuppucino Charm & Mocha (I just had a boring soft drink)

My fish and chips were really good and the portion was quite large. The fish had a nice crispy breadcrumb coating and the fish meat was delicious. It was not oily at all. After tasting a bit of everybody's meal, I concluded that the food was quite good (especially the salmon steak..yummy).

~I love Fish & Chips~

~My first choice but Nadd beat me to it~

~Lemon Herb Salmon Steak: Mouthwateringly delicious~

~Chicken & Mushroom Baked Pasta: I like!~

~Baked fish pasta: Slightly too fishy for me~

~A good cry followed by a good drink~

~Times like these I wish that coffee didn't make me dizzy..looks so nice~

We spent lunch talking about the movie and mutual friends and latest news about our lives. I had a blast! Can't wait for next month :)

~Keen, Me, Reen & Nadd~

||A little extra||

~Read why Keen came out of GSC Cinema in tears.~

~Thanks to Blabberina for her tutorial on LinkWithin~


Kniedaz said...

didn't have time to watch it good? It got good reviews in the newspaper.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Kniedaz: I guess it was okay .. the acting and script could have been better though :) But overall a very watchable movie .. u can read my review if you want

TeRRoRRiZZ said...

still tak berkesempatan nak tgk LBS....

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Terrorrizz: Hehe.. if that were true.. I'd be relaxing ALL the time :)

smallkucing said...


You like sushi or not? A friend told me about this children eat for free at Sakea sushi

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: Believe me I've tried to eat sushi before but I couldn't even swallow the tamest one (salmon sashimi)..hehe.. guess my palate isn't suited for raw fish .. thanks for the info though, will pass it on to my sushi loveing buddies

~Blabberina~ said...

tq for mentioning it =) mebi akan tgk LBS gak,coz giler dgn Ahadiat Akashah!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Blabberina: No problem :) I had always wondered how it was done.. thank you for posting it

keen said...


tenkiu sbb mention nama i few times & tepek gambar i sekali..and paling tenkiu sekali sbb link ke blog i yg xsebrapa tuh..hehe..malu, mauu...

next month we do this again,k?


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