Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

"There's nothing wrong with me that a little ice cream won't fix."
-Author unknown

While driving to work today, I smiled to find out from RedFM that today was National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. What a great day!

Let me count the ways that I like my chocolate ice cream:

  • Plain scoops- Nothing like having it on its own. Perfect.

  • In a cone- Great for being on the go. I love ice cream cones, so crunchy!

  • On a stick- With chocolate layer outside and chocolate ice cream inside. Heaven.

  • Chocolate sundae- Yummy. With a lot of gooey chocolate sauce.

  • In my milshake or float- A drink and dessert all in one.

  • In my banana split- Always one of the scoops in the fabulous threesome.

  • Chocolate ice cream cake- Great for birthdays.

  • In my ABC- A great local invention

So if anybody harasses me about eating chocolate ice cream today, don't! It is after all the ONLY way to celebrate Chocolate Ice Cream Day. I think we should declare it a public holiday too!

PS: Which one do you choose to celebrate with today?

~all pics Googled


lina said...

usihhh sedap nyer di pagi isnin ni...

yuzie said...

nyumm..nyumm... dapnyerrr!! ice cream, mmg gilerrrr laaaa huhuhu

akuvision said...

yang tang ABC tu yang saya tak tahan tu!!!

Hani Che Lat said...

Ada juga hari macam ni.. I prefer my choc ice cream topped with walnuts. heheh... singgah BR lah balik ni.

smallkucing said...


Sendra said...

woihh..meleleh dah air liur temgok semua gambar ais krim tu..sangat suka!!

noor afzan said...

x tahupun..
pastu tak jumpa aiskrim pun hari ni.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

hehe.. berjaya membuat semua org terliur :)


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