Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Football Fever Reusable Bags @ Mr Teppanyaki

~See! Free stuff first..order later..hehe~

What do we love more than food? FREE STUF!!

Maz really wanted to eat at Mr Teppanyaki so we went to the one in Carrefour Wangsa Maju. We were more excited because there was a Football Fever FREE Reusable bag offer with every RM 15 spent.

Our menu (we just took the regular sets RM 15.90):

  • Chicken Teppanyaki + Fried Rice + California Roll + Watermelon slices + Ice lemeon tea
  • Ikan pari bakar + Mango pudding + Ice lemon tea

~So full, I couldn't even eat my California roll (not in pic)~

I'm not really a fan of bean sprouts (taugeh) but for some reason the ones at Mr Teppanyaki are really nice. The Chicken Teppanyaki is delicious, with just the right amount of saltiness. The fried rice tasted like a nice version of Nasi Goreng Cina, plus I love the fried garlic slices. (I usually have either Chicken Teppanyaki or Salmon Teppanyaki).

~Ikan Pari Bakar: WARNING very hot~

The Ikan Pari was HOT HOT HOT. Deliciously laced with belacan..hehe (thankfully I did not have sneezing fits all afternoon).

~Nice huh?~

We seemed to be the only people excited to get the bag (hehe..), everybody else was seriously eating. Lighten up folks!

~What do you think? Too big?~


What a nice surprise, the followers of this blog is currently at 199.. I wonder who the lucky 200th will be?


Seems to be Birthday season in Bloggerland. I want to wish 3 wonderful blogger buddies Happy Birthday!

~Syigim: Thanks for being one of my best readers/commentators, I love your writing style and friendly personality. Happy birthday!~

~Farah: Some people just have that X-factor, you are one of them. Your blog is amazing and beautiful just as you are. Happy Birthday~

~Cikidong: Be a good boy for your papa. I hope you grow up with his sense of humour and friendly demeanour~


smallkucing said...

uiks..the teppayakki have ikan pari? Mean I havent makan there long time already. I like their beef set

Farah Y said...

Aw, so sweet of you!! Bangun-bangun je baca entry ni. You've just made my day, thanks so much, Hidayah :)

Syigim said...

woowwweeeeee....thanks SO much hidayah! n for ur sweet words & bday wish!

yes, i'm indeed your cute, gorgeous stalker, okeh!!! hihi.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: yup..yup.. and it's smokin' hot .. prepare to finish that glass of iced lemon tea..hehe

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Farah & Syigim : Hehe.. tulah nak pos hadiah kan tak mampu ..:)

cikidong said...

tq la dayah.. terharu rasa... padahal bday cikidong kehekehke bapak lak lelebey


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