Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Deep Fried Delights

Beware! Anyone at all concerned about their health or their weight, please refrain from reading this post. Your cholestrol level will shoot up immediately. You have been warned.

I have always had a soft-spot for deep-fried food. When faced with the choice of grilled, boiled, steamed or fried, for some reason my palate opts for the unhealthiest options. I love fish and chips, chicken chops ..and almost every deep-fried (or in the very least, fried) 'kuih' available. Doughnuts, goreng pisang, burger Malaysia, karipap, char koy, pau goreng... (am drooling already).

Almost every day we pass by 2 stalls near the HKL staff quarters (Jalan Raja Alang, I think). We don't stop everyday but once in a while we will 'drive thru' (the stalls are just by the roadside and you may just order and pay without leaving your car) to stock on rations for our tea. A necessity since we often leave the office past 6 pm.

Firstly for one of the best samosas in KL. They are nice and crispy (although sometimes a bit oily), available in beef and chicken. You can buy 5 for RM3. The stallkeeper is a very friendly and funny guy who remembers all his regulars (and their cars!) and his wife always has a smile for everyone.


~Service with a smile, open 7 days a week~

Secondly, a very nice stall where I get my goreng pisang and doughnut fix. The banana is 'pisang abu' (they also have pisang tanduk, but I'm not keen on them) and is really nice. Heavenly when eaten hot and still good if eaten cold. The doughnuts are nice and soft (sometimes I prefer these regular street doughnuts to Big Apple/J.Co/Dunkin' Doughnuts), there are even round doughnut balls with a gooey chocolate centre.

~I finished off all the pisang abu and doughnuts today~

Excuse me, I have 2 more doughnuts and aplastic bag of goreng pisang to finish ....


a kl citizen said...

iklan percuma yang patut di 'ban' ni...

donut tu boleh jadi ketagih kalau saya makan... tapi my all time fav..
sekarang tengah control

Hidayah Ismawi said...

a kl citizen: tu lah dah letak label warning awal2 lagi ..hehe..mcm kat kotak rokok tu

fiziskandarz said...

hnss hnss hnss.. only just few days not visiting this blog and suddengly everything changed! i like the new interface :D [ and also like all the new updates too!! ] keep on writing CEd :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Allergyc: hehe.. was envious of all the nice looking blogs out there.. so I did a little spring cleaning of mine ;)


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