Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bravery medal for Israeli commando who shot six people aboard Mavi Marmara???

~Terror at sea~
pic googled

Imagine my SHOCK upon reading the little crawler text during a CNN news bulletin.


I did a bit of Googling this morning and found out that this RIDICULOUSLY ATROCIOUS piece of news is actually true. It seems that Staff Sergeant S (his real identity protected for security purposes) is being hailed as a hero by the terrorist state of Israel. (Source: TimesOnline)

He claimed to be the last soldier to board the ship and upon seing his comrades being attacked by the passangers, "took charge" of the situation by opening fire.

Took charge? Firing rounds of live ammunition on unarmed civillians on a peace convoy in international waters is not "taking charge". It's a bloody massacre. The soldiers cry that it was self-defense on their part and yet, the bodies of the slain activists reveal that they were shot multiple times at close range. Sounds more like an execution to me.

The night before I watched as Major Avital Leibovich (Israel Defence forces spokewoman) could not answer when asked "Who fired first?", "Who opened fire first, the soldiers or the activists?", she kept going round in circles, spewing the lame pre-prepared text of how the troops were only acting in self-defence. Notice how all IDF spokespersons are relatively pretty blonds? Probably to soothe the masses.
~The face they want us to see~
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If a soldier can be awarded a medal of bravery for cold-blooded murder, what's next in our topsy turvy world? A Nobel Peace Prize for serial killers? A medal of honour for paedophiles?


For more updates on the Rachel Corrie, click here.


LaNuNsepet said...

waah.. tq kak..
be my pleasure :-)
its very honor u linked it to my blog.

pasal medal tu..
hu3.. dierog yahudi ni mmg digalakkan buat jahat pada bangsa lain. mereka anggap bangsa lain seperti anjing.

mereka mengamalkan penindasan terhadap bangsa lain, bila dgn bgsa sendri mereka kenakan bayaran murah semasa urus niaga, biala ngan bgsa lain mereka akan kenakan riba.

mereka juga bangga bila buat jahat kat negeri org sesuai dgn apa yang mereka belajar sejak kecil diterapkan bahwa mereka adalah bangsa paling "mulia" konon2 nya.

israel anggap bangsa lain seperti sampah..
sebab tu dulu takda siapa nak berkawan..
mereka mudah belot...mudah menipu..
tp kini kita makin tunduk pulak..

bagus info ni kak. tq

Hidayah Ismawi said...

lanunsepet: sometimes it's so frustrating that we can't do more.. I can only pray for all those that are oppressed and voice out thru this blog.. may Allah help us all

akuvision said...

Celakalah terhadap kamu yahudi israel!

Nia said...

Yahudi laknatullah

and you are right, what can we do?

At least we can still send our prayer.

Insya Allah.

chybee said...

Praying hard that Allah will protect us all

fiziskandarz said...

:( last time it was the viva palestina, now this! i can go on and talk about this for hours, what's really sickening is these convoy only send food + medic + basic survival stuff :(

fiziskandarz said...

oh btw :: thanx a bunch CEd for the award! we truly appreciate it! haaa we'll defo pass it along when we get a chance around it ok.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

akuvision, nia, chybee & allergyc: yes, only Allah will punish them in the end

allergyc: ok :)

Hani Che Lat said...

Such an arrogant race!

Just to share, someone 'tweeted' this morning,
"Orang Islam takkan kuat selagi Subuh tak seramai Solat Jumaat bak kata seorang Yahudi."

Ada betulnya.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Kak Asmahani: Yup, it's probably true.. but we should never give up.. we'll get there one day

Hani Che Lat said...

shared your face on fb

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Kak asmahani: my face? hehe..


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