Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ariani Shawls: Presents for my mother

~Guess what is inside?~

I don't usually have my finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trends but even I, have noticed that almost 1 in every 4 women now seem to be wearing the Ariani "style" (I say style because I sincerely doubt that all of them are the real deal) 'tudung's. Personally, I'm still not all that eager to try it.

Don't get me wrong, it's a matter of personal taste. It looks beautiful on others, just that my round chubby face seems to be rounder and chubbier in that type of 'tudung'.

~Zil: Match her shoes~

Last Friday, was the first time that I actually walked into the Ariani Scarf & Shawl Boutique at Jalan Masjid India. It was jammed packed with women, young and old alike, all trying to find the perfect Ariani Shawl. Some even brought samples of their Hari Raya clothes (normal people brought little cloth squares, SOME brought the whole 4m of cloth!).

~Zil with the Ariani Platinum Shawl: Good girl~

Initially I didn't intend to buy anything but then I remembered that my mother is really fashion conscious and it's been a while since I gave her a present. So I ended up buying 2. I also managed to coax Zil into modelling them for me. Thanks!

~Zil going shopping?~

The best thing about buying stuff for my mother is, I usually end up "borrowing" them. Hehe..

~Notice that our door has no handle..hehe~

PS: The prices are a bit steep (for me), ranging from RM 60-RM 500. But I guess you pay for quality (not to mention the BRAND). Good news... theres a SALE!


Felt so bad for North Korea getting clobbered 7-0 by Portugal. Let's see what Uncle has to say about it.

~Uncle supports Argentina~


I'm trying out a new style. No 'bling' (a.k.a no BIG colourful fonts). It's a tip from Darkbatman. What do you think? Better?

~More great tips here~


Lynn said...

I only bought the ones on sale... RM 30 and RM 39! my aunt form Brunei tu yang borong banyak hehe...

took me so long to switch to that kind of tudung too... initially I was also self conscious of my round & chubby face. but the idea of fashion and most of all, convenience tops it all. :)

plus I started with custom made tudungs... so I made it bigger on the face

smallkucing said...

the 2nd scarft looks nicer. Love the roses

Syigim said...

i'm not into ariani too. still prefer tudung bawal. i got one as present tho from my sis coz she said 'just TRY!' a plain black so that it goes with anything!

(wahhhh org dah stat shopping raya ke?!)

Nia said...

uii,..tudung tu memang boleh thn jgk harganya..tapi memang canteekk kalau pakai. kira berbaloi la kan..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Lynn: am gonna take it as a challenge to lessen my chubbiness first..tapi macam impossible jer sbb waktu era kurus pun ..muka tet ap chubby.. geram nak borong gak (maybe it's an inborn instinct ..hehe) tapi laisa fulus..

Smallkucing: I wanted to feel the whole experience .. that's why I bought her a plain one and one with pattern :)hehe..plus model I cantik so pakai apa2 pun cantik ..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Syigim: Same here.. am so lucky coz my mum (the ultimate Kelatanese) has every single colour of tudung bawal on the planet..like I said I have free reign of her tudung ;)
Mana ada shopping raya ..shopping bulan rejab..ahaha

Nia: Yeah I guess if you want quality you have to be willing fork out the mulah ..hehe..

qaseh said...

cntik tudung..

fiziskandarz said...

alaaaa CEd, haaa nanti upload laa gamba ur mom with the supercool tudung! :D

p/s :: where on earth u got all the cool blog links? i blogwalk to few that u recommend, they're really awesome stuff! :D

Hidayah Ismawi said...

allergyc and fizee: hehe..mak belum try test lagi..nanti kita curi2 snap..

kan??kan?? see the hand lah..hehe.. you know me.. I would never recommend ppl I didn't personally enjoy.. there are so many great bloggers out there.. some deserve more recognition then they are getting right now (You guys included)..

I don't follow or read blogs just because they're supposedly the hottest thing on the web.. or the whole u follow I follow thing.. I really enjoy getting to know that there are so many ppl out there (like us) who have so many things to share ..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Qaseh: harga pun "cantek" ..first time seumur hidup ..beli tudung pakai plastik.. credit ma..


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