Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rafflesia CHICKEN HUT ..bah!

~I love to be surprised~

Ever notice how there are certain places you've passed a hundred times but never actually walked in? On Tuesday, we actually crossed the threshold.

The place? Rafflesia CHICKEN HUT @ The Mall. I've noticed the little restaurant many times but never had the inclination to go in. Why? Truthfully, because from the outside, it doesn't really look very tempting. The simple red and yellow sign above the entrance made it look like a cheap roadside restaurant (Ooops, I forgot to take a pic).

For some reason that day we decided to give it a try. The concept was a bit like the Chicken Rice Shop as most of the dishes offered were different varieties of chicken rice. The huge posters on the wall declared that THIS was the place to sample true flavours of Sabah.

Our menu:

  • Lemon Chicken Rice (MINE!)
  • Roasted Chicken Rice
  • Sweet and sour Chicken Rice
~Lemon Chicken Rice~

I was pleasantly surprised (yet again!), as my Lemon Chicken really tasted quite good. The portions were very generous and my chicken was completely drowned in a really lemony sauce. The chicken was delicious (although a tad bit dry), but nice and crispy (just the way I like it). In the end I had to rescue my chunks of chicken from the lemon sauce because too much was a bit overpowering for me (although fans of that lemon taste would enjoy it). It actually reminded me of the lemon chicken they usually serve for hotel Chinese dinners (except that I didn't have to fight over the chicken..hehe).

~Roasted Chicken Rice: average, the soy sauce was a bit too salty~

~Wow! They must know that Shar likes sambal chili~

~See! Almost empty now~

~Sweet & Sour Chicken: Nice, they even have smaller portions for weight watchers and kids~

You know you enjoyed your food when halfway through the current meal , you're already planning what to order on your next visit. That is exactly what we did! Chup! I wanna try their Crispy Fried Chicken rice next time, so I can enjoy the chicken without worrying about the lemon sauce..hehe. Plus, it was so cheap ~RM 8 per set inclusive of drinks.


During my blogwalks I noticed that some people who love to enter contests will have a blog specifically for that purpose. What a great idea! So I did the same, this blog is for all contests and tags (Yes Sygim, I still owe you a tag ..hehe) If you love contests too, drop here to see which ones I entered. PS: Nuff contests will still be in my main blog :)


smallkucing said...

but the chicken portion for the chicken rice looks very generous wor

Syigim said...

ooOOOoooo realllly made me wanna whip up seperiuk of nasi ayam now!!

i LOVE lemon chicken, and i will ask for the lemon gravy to be put on the side bcoz of d same reason u stated! hmm, sama lagi! ;)

akuvision said...

hehehe habis sambal di tarahnya

noor afzan said...

paling suka sambal tuh..

sharlina said...

hheheheheh... mmg tak kedekutla restoran ni... i like! certain restoran bila mintak sambal bg dlm bekas cinonet tu je... yg ni.. satu bekas skali letak depan kita.. senang.. takya kita asyik nak panggil mintak sambal (+ sambal die mmg sedap.. marvellous..)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha..tak sabar nak gi lagi :)


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