Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan - My first Malay movie experience

I grew up in a childhood devoid of Malay novels (pathetic huh?), so when my best friend suggested we all watch a Malay movie adaptation of a famous book for our monthly (well, we try) Mummie's Day Out, I was a bit skeptical. However, EVERYBODY was hyped up about Lagenda Budak Setan so I just went with the flow.

~Farid Kamil- for some reason he always seemed on the verge of tears~

~Lisa Surihani- definitely got achance to flaunt her "cuteness"~

Basic plot (no spoilers just in case there are others out there that don't know the story)

Kasyah (Farid Kamil) is a notorious badboy and prankster on campus who falls for the beautiful Ayu (Lisa Surihani). Love soon blossoms between them. Their love is tested when Kasyah has to complete his research in a place cut off from outside civilisation. Their lives change forever when Azmi (Que Haidar), Ayu's abusive boyfriend reappears in her life.

The best thing about the movie

Que Haidar! I know many people will think I'm crazy but personally, I thought he was amazing in the movie. His potrayal of pathological jealousy and the conflict between his love for Ayu and inability to restrain his montrous temper was so convincingly potrayed. I think most guys would love this movie because there are so many scenes where they get to drool over Lisa Surihani's undeniably beautiful and photogenic face.

~Stellar acting!~

The worst thing about the movie

The screenplay itself was so rushed, for someone who entered the cinema with a clean slate like me, everything seemed to happen so fast. There was almost no character development. Kasyah wasn't "Setan" enough (not like the original "Setan", Ali Setan!), he fell for Ayu so fast that instead of falling for her innocence and personality it was more of falling for her looks. The acting was pretty mediocre (except for Que Haidar) with an notably bad performance by Raja Farah as Ayu's friend. Plus the script seemed a bit "skema".

A quote I liked from the movie

"Kenapa awak benci perempuan, Kasyah?" (Actually the answer to this question is hilarious..painful but hilarious..hehe).

So basically, my first experience watching a Malay movie at the cinema was an okay one (although my best friend did leave in tears ..hehe..Keen really connected with the story). There were quite a few truly funny moments in the movie, although some may not have been on purpose (like the way the movie sounded like a broken 1960's projecter everytime there was a scene change) and some scenes that had me holding my breath (Lisa Surihani getting pummelled by Que Haidar, so real I could feel the pain).

Rating: 3/5 (I think I'm going to borrow the book now, does anyone have it?)

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lina said...

dayah my friends in the office just talk about the movie...hey u guys going during lunch or office hour

Arief said...

oh, the movie is already out eh?
i never knew anything about the novel until the movie came out..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Lina: We cought the 12.15pm show (lunch hour) but being postgrad students out timetable is a bit flexible..namely work like aslave when you have things to finish ..but don't have to be too picky abt lunches and stuff like that

Arief: Me too.. I mean the title sounded familiar but I was clueless abt the storyline

smallkucing said...

hmmm dont think will go and watch this movie...prefer reading the book instead

Alyssa Villamor said...

owh2 the trailer looks so exciting,
note that i rarely LIKE to watch Malay movies
havent watch it yet, but i liked the plot of this one
seems like a nice love story

~maybe then they'll make a drama lepas tu..
macam crita 'Aku Bukan Single' aka 'Adamaya' ;p

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: am actually excited to read the book..dunno when though

Alyssa: I think everyone else enjoyed it more than me.. :) I have a feeling they probably will do that

Syigim said...

hidayah! did i read u right - this is your FIRST malay movie cinema watch????? where were u when aziz m osman's 'xxray' & 'femina' came out? or erma fatima's award winning 'jimmy asmara'? or shuhaimi baba's 'layar lara'? you've been missing a lot! but too bad, they don't make it like they used too......

u ain't crazy if you like que's acting! he stemmed from theater that's why he's so good. i've seen him in action on stage and he's fabulous.

and if there's 1 malay novelist i like - it's definitely ahadiat akashah. i read all his works when i was a teen! :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Syigim: Actually, I've only been to the movies 6 times (Jurassic park when I was 10y) the other 5 within this past year, Yes! Man, Ice Age 3, This is it, The losers and now Lagenda Budak Setan...

Usually I watch movies when they come out on HBO or borrow the VCDs/DVDs..hehe

Que was really good.. hehe .. the onlt really believable one.. although overall the movie was quite good..

you're gonna kill me but..I have only read 1 Malay novel my whole life ..when I was in F3 (the day before PMR), I read "Aku Bohsia"..only becoz my whole class was raving abt it..

I guess it's what happens when you spend most of ur primary and secondary education overseas.. it took me a long time to be comfortable conversing in Malay..hehe..boarding school took care of that.. I still try my best to speak and write in proper English bcoz I worry that mixing and matching (also learnt that at MRSM- the teenage compulsion to fit in with the crowd)had a serious detrimental effect on my quality of English.. now am trying to be good in Malay too bcoz I have to write my thesis in Malay (UKM!).. it's a challenge especially since most scientific and medical terms are in English .. but I'm trying :)

Ummu Auni Afif said...

Hmph, the books? I read it during secondary schools (not in jasin though). well, to tell you the truth, i outgrew it already, don't think i'll watch the movie though. kalau nak beli, ada di pustaka mukmin. they still have the old copies of lagenda budak setan being sold

Ummu Auni Afif said...

If you want to improve your written BM, do try reading Islamic novels produced by PTS :D

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Aini: Thanks for the suggestion.. I dunno when I'm gonna get time for it though, can't even get through my current reading list right now

Hani Che Lat said...

well, hidayah, i read malay novels, but i never read lagenda budak setan due to some reasons i m not really sure why. hahaha.. my favs are from Faisal Tehrani - Try 'Tunggu Teduh Dulu'.
This movie, tunggu keluar tv je lah kot, and yes, I agree mixing and matching BM+BI is bad for the languages health. It's like having a delicious, sinful, high in carbo and fat food, bad for health but that's what we like most, right?

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Kak asmahani : will definitely put it on my 'to do' list.. have always felt that I was missing out by not being able to fully appreciate Malay books the way I do English ones .. for me I guess, when I read in BM (I am a Malay after all- so fluency is not an issue) .. it's just harder to immerse myself in the story.. plus I get lost when the writing is too flowery..hehe

Yup! But like all sinful treats.. I usually reserve for special occasions like YM or commenting on posts (usually will mix and match when I get emotional about an issue)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys / girls, came across your blog looking for Lagenda Budak Setan forum/blog.. i'd like to share my views on that horrendous movie.. well, this is a first (sharing views/opinion in someone's blog on movie), went to watch the movie on the first day screening after my gf insist on watching it instead of Prince Persia. Came to pick her up from kl (my office) to shah alam, sped off to pyramid. You guys can imagine how i felt driving during peak hours just to get on time. Well i reached on time (forgot how did i manage on time without hitting any car/divider). Straight to the point, i din read the novel, never heard of the story until my gf insist on watching the movie as that was her favourite novel. i wanted to make her happy, got everything booked, but at the end of the day, she got mad as the story was HORRIBLE. I guess it wasn't like she expected it to be.. damn.. as the writer said, the positive note is que haidar. yeap hes GOOD. ermm n fazura. farid was okay. dont like lisa, dont like that new girl.. urghh.. stupid movie. i tahan my mengantukness for the sake of my gf and not to laugh on the dialogue's skema-ness.. that movie saks big time. thank you for the space miss writer.

Anonymous said...

salam... for me d movie just 'okay' kot... hahahaha... i read d book during 2ndary... n i forgot d story already... hahaha... but i think d book is better than the movie coz if i not mistaken, i cried during i read d book. then when i watch it i just felt okay... hmmm... 3 stars... i think they need to show d 'setan' of kasyah to give d big impact. only 2 part of 'setan'... hmmm... cannot feel anything la... then lisa part is too short... hmm... nevermind... i'll wait fot LBS d series la...

CikLilyPutih said...

la 1st time tengok citer melayu ke? then tak perlah, belajar lagi ek.
Que memang berjaya melakonkan watak jahatnya itu.

Hidayah, klu nak lagi best, pi cari buku dia then baca, barulah boleh kenal lagi mendalam watak2 dlm citer nie.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Anonymous1: Don't worry if you don't like the movie.. at least you got to spend time with your next time you get to pick the movie.. Fair?

anonymous2:Yup, hopefully the series will have more time for character development :)

CikLilyPutih: hehe.. teruk kan saya? takpe2 sekarang nak menyokong industri tempatan gak (just make sure that they have quality products..hehe).. am gonna borrow from my friend..hopefully will have time to read it soon


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