Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Day! Last Day! (Almost)

Sorry folks, I only have time for a short entry this morning (have to rush to the lab). So I thought that I should remind everyone that TODAY is the LAST DAY! The "One Day I will.." Contest will close tomorrow (30th June) at 12 noon. (For logistic reasons I cannot extend until midnight.)

Click the picture for the rules and regulations. Don't miss out on your chance to win vouchers worth over RM100 :)


I was so touched to recieve this award from a famous blogger (well, he's gonna be famous soon, I'm sure) darkbatman. Please refer here for the proper way to receive this award. 

I want to pass this award on to several blogs that really Wow! me. 3 impressive photoblogs by amazingly friendly people Allergyc & Fizee, Chybee and Farah.Another photoblog that I'm gonna add to my must watch list, TK. And to Tieha who proves that you can also tells amazing stories with pictures (even if you didn't take them yourself).


Kie-yu said...

gud lux to all contestant ;)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

hehe.. kita pun nebes gak ni

TK said...

I am also so touched to receive this award from you!!! So nice of you..Baru kenal dah dpt award.. Timakacih ye yang! I will publish award ni nanti..Have a nice day :)

tieha ismail said...

tenkiu3 hidayah....terharu rse....weeeeeee

Nia said...

ooo,..esok dah tutup dah! hehe..tak sbr nak tunggu result.

darkbatman said...

haha..famous ker?ermm.. insyaAllah..ahaha.. tq yer cz wt awards 2..


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