Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tag: Get to know your blog

~pic googled~

Remember playing police sentry when you were a kid? I used to love it. Everyone would put their foot in a circle and someone would start counting...

"Police sentry one two jaga, police mati pencuri jaga.. Police sentry one two jaga, pencuri mati polis jaga.."

Then the pandamonium begins. I preferred the game if you could "Chup!" and be immune, either by squatting down or making your hand into a beak (because I never was a fast runner).

In the UK, a version of this game is called TAG. Here, only one person is 'it' and if he manages to catch someone, he has to say "Tag! You're it!".

So for the first time I've been tagged by my latest self-confessed stalker Syigim. She didn't even give me a chance to say "Chup!" (Actually I thought she was referring to another Hidayah since I'm so new on the blogging scene but nope, it really was me).

So here goes nothing!

(Put picture up before proceeding. Done!)

1. Where are you?

I am in my Post graduate room, on a Sunday :(

2. What do you do?

Daydream mostly. Hehe. I am a medical doctor on study leave struggling to finish my Masters in Pharmacology at UKM. When I finish (hopefully by the end of the year) I will become a lecturer at Kuliyyah of Medicine, IIUM. I am also a mother to 3 beautiful children.

3. What is your blog name and why?

The blog is called One Day at a Time. My life is totally hectic right now and basically I survive by doing just that ... taking life one day at a time.

4. When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging around 3 months ago. I have always loved to write but I never had the time. One day I just decided to stop making excuses and do something that I enjoyed, for a change.

~Click the pic~

5. Give the link when you were the happiest to blog?

I have tried my best to keep this blog as upbeat as possible. It is my sanctuary. No matter how crazy the outside world gets, in my blog, I am happy. But one of the happiest times was here..

~Click the pic~

6. Give the link when you were saddest to blog?

I don't think I have ever openly expressed my sadness in this blog, but sometimes it translates through my writing for the day.

~Click the pic~

7. Give the link when you were angriest to blog?

Can't recall an actual time when I wrote a post in anger. I don't really think it's agood idea to rant and rage online. These were the closest I came to it though, I was miffed because injustices were done but not in 'Incredible Hulk ' mode.

~you know what to do by now right?~

8. Give the link when you were most in love?

There are days when I'm not sure if I believe in love anymore but mostly I am still a diehard romantic who believes in happy endings. However, I strongly believe that cyberspace is not a place to wear your heart on your sleeves. (Wil probably have to run after you click the link but in all honesty, I was very much in love that day).

~not everything is obvious~

9. Give the link of a post that turns out to be very meaningful to you?

One thing about me is, I would never write just for the sake of writing. Each post was written because I felt that they needed to be written, to be read and to be shared. (I'm an idealist at heart, and age doesn't seem to mellow me). If I had to choose:

~usually when I start writing poetry, then you know it matters~

10. Tag some friends to know their answer.

Hopefully, everybody got to know me a little better. Like I told some-one before, I truly do believe that blogging isn't about how many followers you manage to accumulate or how much money you make or how much traffic passes through, your blog should mirror your personality, your soul.

Therefore I would be honoured to tag these people: Keen, Ana, Kak Asmahani, Zakiah


smallkucing said...

I agree with u..I wanna live in a bookstore also. Hey, why didnt you put that photo to the blog bonanza the other time?

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: I think back then I wasn't actively followin bookXcess yet.. hehe..

Syigim said...

you've been blogging for 3mths only! where have u been? hihi. and you write poems too? coolness..

Nia said...

wah..wah..interesting tag dear!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Syigim: On hiatus.. been writing all my life.. stopped writing poetry when I left high school..lost my muse.. and re-started over a year ago.. am really happy that someone somewhere invented blogging!

Nia: thanks a lot .. I enjoyed writing it..

a kl citizen said...

salam ziarah yang pertama

suka membaca entri2 yang tertera di page ini

terima kasih ke blog saya yang tak seberapa berbanding blog ini..

akuvision said...

hehehe panjang tu entry, good one with the police sentry

Hidayah Ismawi said...

a kl citizen: thanks for the compliment.. Every blog has it's own uniqueness.. :)

akuvision: mesti panjang, org tag kena jawab betul2 ...hehe.. I miss playing polis sentry :)


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