Friday, May 14, 2010

RED hot morning call

My number 1 station, RED FM (104.9 in the Klang Valley)
~pic from RED FM FB page~

"SERIOUSLY!!!???!!!" was the only thing that I managed to sputter out when I answered the phone this morning. It was JD & Dilly from RED FM. And they were calling ME! Thank goodness it wasn't in the wee hours of the morning or something.

Secretly, I thought that I had won something..hehe. Why else would they call right? Then Dilly reminded me that I had made a request for one of their NEW morning slots 'Lost in the 90s'. Apparently they decided to create this new segment because people kept requesting for a non-80s song for their 'Lost in the 80s' segment.

So the format was, my song would go head to head against their picks. Plus, for some reason all listeners chosen for this shall be renamed Alan. Anyway, the songs were:

  1. Dilly's pick: The Cure's - Friday I'm in love
  2. JD's pick: Technotronic's- Pump up the jam
  3. Mine : Meatloaf- I would do anything for love but I won't do that
In the end, my song did not manage to get the most votes (for some reason Malaysia was in the mood for techno this morning). Honestly, I don't mind at all. JD & Dilly called me! I actually spoke to them in person! Hehe... and they were so nice, bubbly, funny and amazing just as they always were.

I also got to listen to myself on air. I sounded really chirpy and bubbly (personal opinion..hey, I'm entitled to it) and it was an amazing start to my day. Thanks guys! Definitely my favourite DJ duo on air.
JD and Dilly: my daily dose of morning cheer
~pic from JD and Dilly Breakfast show's FB page~

PS: Hey JD, adat bertanding, yang menang kena belanja yang kalah. :) (Dilly, please translate ..hehe.. he always gets lost in translation)


Asmahani.A @ AA said...

Wah! Nice. But I don't always tuned in to RedFM. Did the make you on air?

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Hehe.. Red FM is the official channel in my car.. yup yup got to go 'live' on air.. very exciting :)


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