Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't judge a chicken by its chop

"The best things in life are unexpected- because there were no expectations."
~Eli Khamarov

I must have passed by an Ayamas Restaurant so many times, but to be honest, I have never had any inclination to stop by. Maybe, my appetite for Western food had become somewhat snooty and stand-offish subconsciously (I would never have done it on purpose).

Today, we went to KL Sentral to pick up Hidayah's (so confusing because we have the same name) plane ticket to Sabah. Yes, folks, my young friend managed to secure a science officer post with the Ministry of Health. They decided to ship her (or should it be plane her..hehe) off to Sabah.

Au revoir mon amie

By the time we had collected the 'ticket' (a print-out on white paper, I miss the old days), it was already past 2pm and we were starving. The KL Sentral food court was rejected due to a strange dumpster fluid like smell that wafted in the air, lingering long enough not to be ignored.

Hungry but smiling for the camera ..hehe

So we settled on Ayamas Roasters. My menu for today:
  • Ayamas Chicken chop (I was not a big fan of the roaster -black pepper, honey or percik)

A feast for a hungry girl

When my food arrived, I would have been satisfied with something edible. I was in for a pleasant surprise. The Chicken chop was actually quite good (but don't compare with high-end up-class chicken chops). The mushroom sauce was nice, with plenty of chopped up mushrooms, and the chicken itself wasn't as dry as I expected. The coleslaw was also quite good and reminded me of the old KFC coleslaw (which was much nicer than it is now). My only gripe was that the fries seemed to have been fried in yesterday's oil.

A nice lunch after all
We also managed to save RM3 (paid RM 7 instead of RM 10) on parking by leaving the horrendously winding traversty of a car park exactly 2 hours after we entered. Phew!

Seriously?? That much?


smallkucing said...

Had Ayamas Before. Taste good. Service also good

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: pleasant surprise kan? I guess its better not go eating with pre-concieved notions

ney said...

saya kerja kat rasamas dulu~

Syigim said...

hidayah, ur description of the chicken chop is excellent! not just bcoz it made want it (hihi) but it's rare to find someone describing food for the benefit of the reader. sometimes frust tau kalo baca "chicken chop dier ok la..sedap gak." period!

n title posting ni pun klaka! :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ney: hehe.. kalau kerja sana dpt makan free tak?

Syigim: Thanks.. I love food and I love writing abt for the kinda just popped in my head.. hehe.. thanks :)

kitatauke said...

wahhh...makanan yang best....leh la pos sket ke sini...:)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

kitatauke: payah lah nak pos.. nanti sampai sure dah penyet.. suruh jer isteri awak yg pandai masak tu masakkan :) mesti lagi sedap.. jgn lupa pakai tie baru ..hehe

Hanifadil @ AA said...

hmmmm... cuba2 recall, rasanya i pernah makan kat kl sentral sekali je kot. haha, asal datang situ je nak cepat kejar masa..


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