Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Idol .. Over and Out

"I used to be an American Idol junkie. Thankfully Season 9 managed to cure me of that."

My addiction to AI started back in Season 4 when country girl Carrie Underwood slaughtered rocker Bo Bice. I didn't care much for Taylor Hicks, Jordan Sparks or Fantasia Barrino but I was crazy over David Cook and Kris Allen.

My favourite 'idols':

Kelly Clarkson-The first is aways the best huh?

Carrie Underwood- Sweetheart

David Cook- Nerd turned rocker

Kris Allen- see, the good guys do win

Actually the best part of American Idol is watching the early audition rounds. It's great to catch raw talent and hilarious to watch the really atrocious ones. It always amazes me how people can be totally oblivious to their own stupidity.

Sadly, the bullet train once known as AI has slowly been turning into a rickshaw. Relying more on sob stories and gimmicks rather than real talent. The worst of which probably was that Kara Flasher -Bikini Girl showdown last year. (~Picture censored~)

So this season, I dutifully watched as they tried to rescusitate the show. It was in all aspects a lost cause. Even the judges have become obselete. Randy no longer makes any sense, Ellen tries so hard but misses so badly that it's actually painful to watch, Kara demeaned herself this season with the whole Casey James ogling fiasco and even Simon seemed low-key.

No longer formidable

He was truly the life of the show. Being smart, he knows that you can't beat a dead camel and is high-tailing out of there to start another multi-million dollar sensation. Not forgetting to bask in his soon to be conferred knighthood. I wonder if Sir Cowell will be more forgiving to the commoners, I hope not.

We love to hate you (although I usually agree with him)

After totally missing every episode since the Top 10 (I just watched some highlights but always ended up changing the channel), I also missed the final last night. Maybe it WAS an epic showdown of magnanimous proportions between 2 unbelievably talented people...maybe...I wouldn't know.

Lee vs Crystal

I wonder who won? Strangely, I don't care anymore. Yes! Check me out of rehab!

PS: All photos were googled


Lynn said...

LOVE the first quote! Hahaha! I so agree. I find this season super boring. And like you, I also change channels when it's on.

Anyway I know who won! Watched the TV in my boss' room ehehe.

PS: Simon's gonna be knighted? wowww!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Lynn: ahaha.. seems we do grow out of our vices..

Will get this info out of you soon ;) I heard it on the radio a week ago.. Queen Elizabeth is giving it for his enormous contributions to charities

Lynn said...

vice? really? ehehehe

Syigim said...

another great post. david cook is soooo hot!

yeah, simon will be missed! :)

smallkucing said...

i dont watch AI. Bored

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Lynn: kira vice lah gak.. for me.. ahaha

Syigim: Thanks .. AI won't be the same without him

smallkucing: am beginning to think that too

Faisal Abdullah said...

I love Carrie Underwood..beautiful

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Faisal: yup.. I love her too.. and she has an amazing voice..


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