Friday, May 7, 2010

Inadequate stomach space

OW! My neck hurts from turning to look at all these food choices. Due to the extended lunch hour we decided to have lunch at the Pavillion. Why oh why was I not introduced to the FoodRepublic (the food court) earlier?

We spent the first half hour just scouting every single stall. It was like a mini food United Nations. So many countries, so much food, so difficult to choose!

In the end we settled for Korean. Anneyong seyo! I really had a hard time deciding what to order and in the end opted for sam sam dak galbi (which actually was the safest choice.. BBQ chicken set). It was quite nice (the BBQ chicken was very similar to the BBQ jerk chicken at BBQ Chicken restaurant), quite a good portion. I even managed to polish off the raw cabbage! Although, the soup didn't really suit the set (it tasted alot like miso soup- but that's Japanese right?), so I pau'ed my friends' broth to eat with the rice. I also found out that I'm not a kimchi (fermented vegetables) fan (they served some as a side dish for all the sets).

Can't see the chicken for the cabbage! But there was quite alot of both.

Shar and Zil ordered yuk gae jung (spicy beef soup) which actually looked alot like a cross between asam pedas and tom yam. Initially they had trouble appreciating the taste but after deciding to pour the bowl of rice into the HUGE soup bowl, hey presto! it was actually quite good. Although I would say that it was a bit bland compared to normal Malay food, as it was basically just hot but without any sourness. The soup was full of vegetables (bean sprouts, spinach, pucuk paku, carrot), su'un and lots of beef slices. I think next time, we should just buy one and share among 2 people.

Can't believe they managed to finish it.

Aida decided on a light lunch. So she just ordered a banana and chocolate crispy wrap from "Hot & Roll". Nice. Tasted alot like a very crispy banana apam balik.

My edible fan..hehe

After lunch we couldn't resist buying dessert (can you blame us, I actually wanted to buy everything in sight!). So we stopped off at J.Co and bought half a dozen doughnuts AND stopped by Cupcake chic to buy half a dozen cupcakes. Ok, I take it back.. we really shouldn't have. Hehe. Although, I insist on clarifying, I only took a teeny sample of some (am not really a big doughnut or cupcake person).

I rate the Korean food: 3/5 and I rate the FoodRepublic variety of choices: 6/5!

I can't wait to go back. Girls, can we go tomorrow? ;)

With names like Blue Barrymore and Avacado DiCaprio .. I couldn't resist.
Psst.. Only 4 doughnuts are mine
(well, technically Yousof, Aishah, and Hamzah's..hehe.. so that means only 1 is mine)

and 1 cupcake


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