Saturday, May 15, 2010

And the winner is...

Yeay! Finally got to go back to BookXcess to buy more CHEAP books. It's been a month since my last visit (I've been dying to go again but couldn't find the time).

Amcorp mall was abuzz with activity. The final round of the Miss Amcorp Mall 2010 was taking place in the main foyer. The music was cranked up to an excruciatingly loud volume. From my vantage point on the escalators, none of them looked stunningly gorgeous. Probably the 5 inches of make-up painted on their faces had something to do with it. Oh well, who cared? I was there to buy books!

Stepping into the huge BookXcess store, I made a beeline straight for the New Arrivals section. Within less than 10 minutes, I already had my 3 books in hand (sorry folks, have to limit myself, if not I would buy the whole store!). I couldn't even look at all the ridiculously cheap children's books (Special promotion- World Children's Book week) because I think my kids are still enjoying their little collection at home. Will shop for them another day. I did however drool over the complete Vet series by James Herriot (the only thing stopping me from getting them was the fact that I already owned all the books albeit the ones I have are worn and dog eared because I bought them all separately at Edinburgh car boot sales).

My haul for yesterday.

  • Tell me your dreams by Sidney Sheldon (murder mystery and suspense based on true cases)
RRP: RM 35.90
: RM 17.90

  • Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (long distance true love?)
RRP RM34.90
price RM 17.90

  • Ford County Stories by John Grisham (collection of stories connected by the life and crimes of Ford County)
RRP RM 89.90
price RM 24.90

Plus I got to collect my membership card today. It was a really cool looking card too! So that meant that I was entitled to another 5% discount (for purchases totalling over RM50). To get a 10% discount I need to spend over RM 150 but at the prices they're selling I'd probably get a gazillion books for that much money ..hehe.

My card (picture altered with photoshop for security purposes)

So, lets crunch the numbers:

What I would have spent at another book store: RM 160.70

What I spent at BookXcess: RM 57.65

What I saved by going to BookXcess: RM 103.50 !!!

So now, I have 6 books I can't wait to enjoy (haven't had a chance to start on last month's haul yet, it's been a busy month!) and my only question is.. when can I go AGAIN?


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