Monday, May 31, 2010

Virtual library- High-tech bookworms unite!

~Shows how many book I've read and reviewed~

It's no secret that I'm a bookworm. I am now officially addicted to blogging too. My third hobby would have to be Facebooking. So today, I will combine all 3 by writing about a Facebook application that I use to keep track of my evergrowing library.

It's called Visual Bookshelf. There are many reading/book applications on Facebook but this was the first one I stumbled upon (recommended by a friend) and I was loathe to switch (I'm loyal like that).

~Also shows the book thats in my handbag right now and all other books I've dragged with me across KL~

It also gives me a synopsis of my current book, reviews written by readers all over the world and what my friends thought of the book. Visual Bookshelf also suggests other books of the same genre that might pique my interest.

~I also keep my book wishlist here. The ones I haven't had a chance to read or buy yet.~

Since Visual Bookshelf has a record of all the book reviews that I have penned, it also highlights my favourite books. So that other high-tech bookworms can also enjoy them!


Siti said...

salam kenal from a fellow bookworm :)
i'm usually quite 'malas' utk join reading/book websites (eg goodreads, dah lama tak login, dah lupa pun password). tapi since FB ni mmg login quite often, then menarik jugak untuk guna the application, sbb it's integrated..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Siti: salam :), hehe... I use VB just for my own satisfaction.. I love the way they place all the book covers for me to see.. and it helps me keep track of things (am a bit disorganized abt things like that)

PS: ni bukan Datuk Siti kan? ;)

Hanifadil @ AA said...

yep. ada banyak apps kan. me rasa pernah register VB ni tapi tak ber-update. :P

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Kak asmahani: hehe.. org busy mmg camtu kot .. I limit myself to only a few apps on FB (walaupun ramai yg mengajak macam2) .. but I just stick to only 3 ..utk hiburkan hati ;)

Nia said...

eh,..ade jgk mcm ni, nampak sgt i ni tak up to date. i nak tengok jgk nanti..hehe.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Nia: ada..ada.. sbnrnya bnyk apps abt books kat FB tu.. but I just stick to this one coz it was my first.. and I jenis yg malas nak transfer semua info ke apps baru :)


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