Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Footprints in my heart

Usually, in every lifetime you meet one person that leave a permanent impression on your heart. I have been lucky enough to meet a few. And although time and circumstances may cause them to drift away from my life, I am luckier in that I have managed to re-connect with them all.

Yesterday, a good friend told me that my Homeroom teacher was in town to edit the SPM trial exam questions. I was so excited especially since I found out that she was staying at a hotel just 5 minutes away from UKM. One thing led to another and somehow we managed to rope her in for a dinner date with less than half an hours notice.

Immediately after Maghrib , I rushed over there. Had a minor embarassing parking incident (hey, totally not my fault, the bar is supposed to rise after you take the ticket.. that thing was totally faulty), and went straight to her room. We spent some time catching up before deciding to have dinner in the hotel cafe instead of going out.

My friend made it half an hour later (since a state border crossing was involved- totally forgiven) and the three of us had an amazing dinner. The conversation didn't even have a pause button as we discussed everything and anything, from 14 year old secrets to latest updates. The (expensive) delicious food was simply secondary. I had a really large portion of scrumptious fish and chips,although as usual somebody else's chicken chop managed to taste alot yummier (unfair), was a bit shy to pau Pn Muni's mee goreng mamak but it looked really good too.

While animatedly discussing another friend, we decided to call that person and before the night was over, the dinner party grew to 4. Only a phonecall from Gombak managed to jolt me back to reality, I hadn't realized that I had overstayed my curfew by almost 2 hours. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone and make my way back. Almost forgot to pay for the meal (I was actually reversing my car when I remembered), and it wasn't until I got to the counter that I realized that I had .. about RM 20 on me..hehe. (Thank goodness for plastic!) Will be cashing this debt definitely (you know who you are).

So to Pn Siti Munirah and dear friends .. Thank you for a wonderful night ... sorry my Stream pumpkined at 10pm.


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