Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Taiwan, Big Surprise

Starving! Starving! Starving!

By the time we were able to go out for lunch it was already 1.45pm (on a Friday too). I was already feeling a bit woozy (a.k.a hypoglycaemic), but still managed to manouver the Stream through horrendous midday traffic to reach.... Pavillion!

Today I wanted to eat TAIWAN (at least parts of it anyway) and Zil booked a ticket to Little Taiwan (@FoodRepublic) with me.

I had Spicy Chicken Chop Rice with a side dish of Pan Fried Dumplings. Actually I was hungry enough to eat cardboard dipped in sea water so of course the Taiwanese cuisine I had tasted awesome. The chicken was nice and crispy and had just the right level of spiciness and I cleaned my whole plate. The dumplings were sour, well... not exactly the dumplings. They were served on a watery bed of sour (vinegar?) sauce. Totally spoilt the taste. I actually bathed my dumpling in the clear soup to get rid of the taste and was transported back to Jeddah when I was 5 years old. My downstairs neighbour was an American Chinese Muslim who used to love making these amazing dumplings for us.

Yummy yummy yummy

Zil had Spicy Beef Steamboat (emphasis on the word spicy). You could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears! And this is a girl who can eat 'cili padi' ala carte. I had a teeny bite of the meatball and surrendered.

Hot hot hot!

The best was saved for last. Today, the UKM wondergirls actually planned lunch to celebrate one of our own's birthday. Actually the birthday was LAST Friday but since Maz was on leave that day, we decided to celebrate it today. It was so hard to pretend all week that we had forgotten to throw her a special lunch (because usually we will go out somewhere special either on the day or the earliest working day).

Girls in blue (and emm purple)

We got her the Tropical Fruit Cake from Lavender primarily because I was drooling over the glass looking at all those delicious pieces of fruit. After everyone had finished their lunches it was time to cut the cake. The only thing was... there were no plates AND we were totally full. So we did the only thing that we could do, we ate all the fruit! Hehe..

Loved the chunks especially the peach!
The cake was duly sacrificed as soon as we got back to the room. It was DELICIOUS. The cream was light, the cake was airy, layered with jam with peach bits and a layer of delightfully crunchy biscuits(?). Safe to say there was not much left of the cake at the time of writing this post. Hey! Save some for me!

Where did the rest go? ahaha



akuvision said...

UKM wondergirls?, i want nobody nobody but you! hehehehe...Wah memang makan besar ni, lagi2 tang kek tu, lama saya tak makan

Hidayah Ismawi said...

hehe.. oo peminat wondergirls yer.. kitaorg tak buat music video ..just jalan2 cari mkn and eratkan silaturrahim shj.. kek dia mmg sedap.. saya syorkan beli sekarang!

smallkucing said...

hungry again after looking at the delicious food

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha.. kucing is ALWAYS hungry..

fiziskandarz said...

huwaaaaaaaaa the chicken rice looks really really delicious huhu i want! i want!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Allergyc: Mmmg sgt sedap (dunno if it really was or just that I was famished!)...:)


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