Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poor stream (not that one ok)

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Why oh why did I not follow my own advice? "ALWAYS lodge a police report after and MVA (motor vehicle accident)" ... Last week my poor white stream was "successfully" rearended by another capable Malaysian driver. Unbelievably, once again .. I was already at a full stop waiting for the lights to change, and so was he. It seems that his cellphone rang and this resulted in 2 things:

1. His foot removing itself from the brake pedal (although I still do not understand what role his foot played in answering the above mentioned cellphone)

2. His car rolling steadily and surely forward only stopped by the back end of my car

Needless to say, I was shocked (and experiencing a weird sense of DE JAVU). Initial inspection revealed MIRACULOUSLY damage. I thought .. finally a stroke of luck.This was the third accident not caused by me involving the stream in only 6 months. A quick exchange of phone numbers and the guy was gone.

After a much needed shower (the car, not me), the real picture was revealed. A DENT! OH NO!
Surprisingly, the guy actually paid for it. Thank you Mr Ah Long (seriously, you can sense my apprehension when we shared contact details).

BUT a day after I repaired it .. my car became really noisy and really had no pick-up (I hit the pedal to the metal and it crawled to 60 kmph). It was later diagnosed with a burst exhaust and other stuff down there. The whole underside had to be changed and SOMEBODY has to pay RM 4000.

I was gutted. Because I didn't lodge a police report, I couldn't claim my insurance or Mr Long's. And personally I have a strange feeling that it wasn't the initial collision that caused this CATASTROPHE. Something strange happened in that workshop when they were fixing that dent.. I just can't prove it. Because the car was absolutely ok for a week (dented, but ok) before I sent it but almost immediately after I sent it there.. this happens.

And so if I ever need to send a car to a worshop again (Ya Allah, please let me not have to), I will follow my good friend's example by only sending it to someone I call friend. And oh yes, I must remember to take a picture of the mileage .. it seems that some garages have a tendency to take the cars out for joyrides ..what a SHOCKER..


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