Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hang Tuah's tastebuds

Nice menu- so many 'busy' fingers

Hooray for spontaneity! We had planned to have lunch at Leo's but after stepping into AU2 Jusco Setiawangsa, we were halted in our tracks by the first restaurant we saw. Asam Pedas Melaka Mingo Mingo.

After queueing behind an old Chinese couple who took ages to read the menu (that they always seem to put on a pedestal outside the reastaurants to entice you), we finally managed to browse through the offerings. Basically we were drooling after finishing the first page, so it was unanimously decided that we would give this new place (new for us) a try.

Our Menu

Asam Pedas Ikan Pari
Masak Lemak Cili Padi Ayam dan Kentang
Sambal Tumis Sotong
Kerabu Mangga Nyonya

Waiting.. and waiting

I wanted to have sugar cane juice but it wasn't available so I had to settle for pineapple juice (which was really weak and watered down- regretted not sticking to something safe like orange juice). Zil had air bandung soda, which was very fizzy (I have never been a big fan of bandung soda, I prefer my bandung soda-less).

Pineapple juice? Are you sure?

Sorry Aida, no cold drinks for you

The rice came with a half a small 'ikan masin', 2 slices of cucumber and a few slices of 'kacang botol, plus a really hot sambal belacan. Good hearty portions. The 'ikan masin' was nice and crunchy but way too salty (I guess they don't let it sit in water first like my mom does at home, to reduce the saltiness).

Was the only one who didn't finish my rice..hehe (diet ma..)

One by one our dishes came, but the Asam Pedas Ikan Pari arrived late. So much so that we had to start the meal without it (we were, as usual, starving).
  • The Masak Lemak Cili Padi Ayam dan Kentang, was nice, had a real kick to it.
  • The Sambal Tumis Sotong was actually made of the dried squid, we were expecting normal fresh squid. I think they should have mentioned it on the menu. But it was quite nice anyway, also quite hot.
  • The Kerabu Mangga Nonya was also delicious and quite a big portion for RM 3. It was also a bit on the hot side (or it could have just been the fact that my tongue could no longer differentiate which was hot and which was not).
See.. couldn't even wait for me to snap a photo

  • Finally! Our Asam Pedas Ikan Pari arrived. Actually, it was worth the wait. The asam pedas gravy was nicely hot and sour. I'm not a big 'ikan pari' fan (so I basically just had the gravy and a bit of fish)but the girls commented that the fish meat was a bit chewy.

BEWARE: VERY HOT (but delicious!)

I managed to get through the meal without crying but had to order an extra glass of ice cold water and could still feel the heat long after I went to pay the bill (1/2 Kelantanese eating hot Mallacan food, sweet torture).We actually stopped by a McDonald's drive-thru to buy ice cream sundae cones to cool ourselves down.

All in all our lunch cost RM 8.70 each (not counting drinks). Even though we ordered each dish as one portion, there was plenty to go around.

Rating: 3.9/5 (2 thumbs up for the Asam Pedas)

Bring on the heat!


sharlina said...

oooo... ingatkan g sharifah tadi... kalo kita ada tadi, i'll ordered bandung soda... mcm sedap je tengok... =)seri tak mai gak arini?

fiziskandarz said...

huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i sooo miss local food huwaaa huwaaaaaaa [ i totally and utterly understood how's it like ended up not having satay after a such a long time ]. Kami ini adalah dengki! :D

Btw, I just love the way u write [ always do :) ]. We're truly honored to present u with the Sunshine Award! Have a nice day ;)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Sharlina: silap ..silap... takleh gi jauh2 ..cik ton tak bagi.. bandung soda dia sedap kot (budak2 ni kata lah).. semua org kata kalau shar ada sure dah menghirup kuah2 tu.. hehe

Allergyc n fizee: sian dia... hehe.. payback time my friends.. you guys always make me drool with your travel pics...

Thank you thank you.. I accept this award and would like to thank all my fans.. chewwah! .. Btw.. what's a sunshine award???


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