Monday, May 24, 2010

Cooling Stream waters

Appaling huh?

Not bathed in 3 weeks! Not me.. my Stream. Usually I try to take it to the car wash once a week (or at least once a fortnight) but I have been quite busy lately. So my poor steed had to go without a shower (except for the KL downpours) for almost a month now.

Yesterday evening I took it to a nearby carwash. I am eternally grateful that years ago somebody decided that opening car washes would be good business. I would never have the time or inclination to wash my own car by hand.

Bubble bath

I like going to car washes. It's a great excuse to sit and relax. I usually catch up on my reading. Plus, on a hot day, the vision of that powerful spray of water, is quite soothing.

Aaah.. relaxing with a good book

One Teh O Ais and a couple of chapters later, my Stream was gleaming again. Why oh why did I buy a white car? Oh yes, because I LOVE the way it looks when its pristine clean. Now, where are my sunglasses??

Beautiful, aint she? (The volkswagen is Yousof's car -dia dah chup- hehe)


smallkucing said...

love that book

Hidayah Ismawi said...

smallkucing: yup2 feels like its gonna be areally good hooked.. can't wait to read more

k.e.e.n said...

ya laa..why laa we bought white car eh? initially i was planning for a black car,tetiba salesman tu kater kalu nk cepat amik putih..aku pun da malas nk tggu amikla jugak..skang nih leceh nk jaga..huhu

Hidayah Ismawi said...

keen: takpe keen.. bila dia bersih ..sgt cantik.. puas hati


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